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Christopher Armstead

So I backtracked to see what I had to say about the first ‘Waiting’ flick and apparently I thought that movie was side splittingly funny. I also mentioned in those comments about the original, comments that were very brief to say the least, that I was drinking heavily, watching a movie on Lifetime simultaneously and playing scrabble on my Palm while watching that movie. Thus we have the initial problem to the sequel to ‘Waiting’, that being this movie, ‘Still Waiting…’, in that it had my undivided attention. You see I’ve matured greatly since I saw the original some four years ago. I haven’t had a drink in months, not that I have a drinking problem but I have no money to buy liquor, and my focus is locked in. Except when I see a pretty butterfly. So with this newfound focus it turns out that ‘Still Waiting…’ wasn’t nearly as funny as the original but it did have its occasional moments. Occasional. Emphasis on ‘Occasional’.

John Michael Higgins, who is a really funny guy, just not in this movie, plays the character of Dennis who is a browbeaten manager of the Shenanigans restaurant that we familiarized ourselves with in the first movie. Okay so lets fast forward a bit skipping over character intros because I’m glancing at the clock counter on my DVD player which is always bad sign because it’s ten minutes in and I haven’t laughed yet. The attempts were there but it just wasn’t working. Thank God for Luis Guzman who midway through the twelve minute mark made me laugh, and as such Luis Guzman served as a sort of tinder for this movie as it started to get incrementally funnier over its running time. Never achieving madcap hilarity, but funnier.

Anyway David wants to be a district manager but his restaurant is lagging behind and if they don’t get their numbers he won’t get that fresh new gig. David Koechner, a real funny dude, just not in this movie, reprises his role as Dan from the first movie to give David the bad news. The main problem for David’s establishment is that a hooteresque joint has opened its doors right next door, run by Calvin (Rob Benedict), the cat from

the first movie who was afraid to pee in public. So unlike the first movie we actually have a tangible story as our restaurant heroes strive to have a nine thousand dollar night to keep their place of business open. Not really, but that’s what their manager has told them what has to happen. Hilarity, mayhem and chaos shall theoretically ensue.

There are some odd things in this flick that kind of highlight my confusion with the whole business of movies. Alanna Ubach is in this movie reprising her role as the salty, offensive drunken door hostess Naomi, and she’s pretty damn funny in this movie. There’s a scene in this movie where she flashes her titties, but they obviously stunt titties. Now the other day I was watching the HBO TV series ‘Hung’ in which Ms. Ubach was in it and she unabashedly showed her titties in that show, and what glorious God-made titties they were. Not that we were focusing on that because we are completely opposed to objectification of women here at the FCU. So I just want to know why did the producers of this movie have fake silicone infested stunt titties stunt double for Alanna Ubach’s fantastic authentic titties? Maybe they would’ve had to pay her more… this is information I need to know.

As far as the movie itself goes, it did have its moments of comedy sprinkled within what was largely stupid nonsense. Of course the majority of this stupidity was by design but nonetheless, this is what you get. Justin Long makes a cameo reprising his character from the last movie in a somewhat funny scene, Chi McBride makes a cameo as the Bagger Vance character from the last movie still doing what he can to make the white characters in this movie better people… note that this scene had almost nothing to do with nothing and while we love us Chi McBride here at the FCU, if they had left that scene on the editing floor I don’t think it would’ve been missed and Chi still would’ve gotten a paycheck. This movie wasn’t nearly as crude as the first movie which I guess is a good thing. I guess. And there were a crapload of hotties at the hooteresque joint, but part of this lack of crudeness also included a severe lack of nudity. Tragic. Not that we support such things.

‘Still Waiting…’ was terribly mediocre but at least it did have its occasional moments. Occasional. If you’re looking for straight to video sequel that has its occasional moments while still managing to be grossly inferior to the original, here you go. Not that I’m telling you what to do. Somebody hit me back on that whole stunt titty thing. I gotta know.

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