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Christopher Armstead

Okay loyal reader, I have to be honest with you, because we have that kind of relationship.  I thought this movie was freaking hilarious!  I was also drinking at the time I was watching too.  Paul Mason Brandy and Faygo Cola.  I’m not a wealthy man.  To put it in perspective, I noticed that Lifetime had a movie on at the same time that I was trying to watch ‘Waiting’ called ‘A Face to Die For’ starring Yasmine Bleeth and Robin Givens.  I would pause ‘Waiting’ to switch over to that movie because I also found that engrossing as well.  I was also playing scrabble on my PDA too.  Hung a 447 on that computerized buster!  Dropped a triple word with Fjord on him.  He wilted.

‘Waiting’ follows a group of characters, none of which is authentic, real, or based on anybody that could possible exist, as they work through a day at the local chain bistro ‘Shenanigans’.  Ryan Reynolds is Monty, who does that flip, snarky Ryan Reynolds thing he does, you know what it is.  Monty is a professional slacker and the coolest guy at Shenanigans.  He has a trainee (John Francis Daley) who he’s showing the ropes too.  One of these ropes involves the ‘Penis Game’ which I will not go into here other than to let you know that it is tasteless and beyond vulgar.  Funny though.  We also meet Dean (Justin Long) who has potential and is wasting it waiting tables, there is Raddimus (The legendary Luis Guzman) who drops food on the floor and places it back on plates, Calvin who has a deep fear of peeing in public bathrooms and Bishop (Chi McBride) the all wise, all knowing Negro character who exists to dispense valuable words of wisdom and make the white characters lives better.  See Bagger Vance

Look, this thing is barely a movie so there’s not a helluva a lot to tell you about it other than folks just trying to get through the day.  So I guess in a sense it's like life.  Actually, It’s more like a ninety-minute SNL restaurant skit and depending on your brand of humor, you will either hate it or hate yourself for laughing so much.  Sadly, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I am above this kind of stuff… I am not.  I laughed loud and often at this tasteless garbage of a movie.  As a matter of fact, as my wife entered the house as the movie was about over she asked ‘What’s so damn funny?  We can hear you halfway down the street!  Have you been drinking?’

No honey.  I have not.  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I don’t want to recommend this flick because I don’t want you to run out and get it because of me.  I can’t handle that kind of responsibility.  So don’t get it.  It’s crap.  Offensive, lowbrow garbage barely fit for zip popping teenage boys.



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