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Christopher Armstead

A half dozen or so young adults are heading up to a cold snowy cabin for some fun, drink, debauchery and of course some eventual dying in the frigid psychological drama ‘Necrosis’. Now me and you watch enough horror movies to realize that the mere setup for this movie is a red flag for all of us to avoid the lovely cabin this group of attractive young people are about to end up at. For starters it was priced way under market value. Even in this suspect economy, that’s something to take note of. Then naturally when our heroes stop off at the local cantina before heading on up to the cabin we can observe quite clearly that this bar is filled with freaky locals who deliver freaky ominous warnings, including one Michael Berryman. If Michael Berryman is a resident in your town, then this is a town that you do not need to be in. Naturally, considering it’s a horror flick, we will discover that the cell phone towers suck and finally this cabin with the low market price, crap cell phone service, and the freaky residents, also resides in the middle of a horrific tragedy. This tragedy being those Donner Party freaks eating each other back in the 19th century in the middle of a snow storm. But then this is me and you we are talking about, folks who know better.

Now to our heroes that will be inhabiting this somewhat open ended horror film. On the surface it would appear that this movie from director Jason Robert Stephens is filled with unknowns, but they are only unknown if you are not a professional Bad Movie Watcher. Headlining we have James Kyson-Lee as Jerry, Mr. Kyson-Lee may be known to some of you from that show ‘Heroes’, but he is know to us as the cat that got eaten by a giant bug in the movie ‘Star Runners’. As the heroic looking dude of Matt we have George Stults who we last saw battling multi-headed headed mythical beasts in ‘Hydra’, and while most of you might know the character of Karen played by Tiffany as the former skinny 80’s pop star, we know Tiffany much better as the supremely voluptuous B-Movie actress doing battles with big fish in ‘Mega Piranha’. Final girl material Megan will be played by Penny Drake, most notably seen doing her thing in ‘Zombie Strippers’ and then we have Danielle De Luca as Samantha who we saw

most impressively in the film ‘Naked Fear’ where she had to act almost the entire movie buck-ass naked running through the woods. Impressive. So where you might call this cast a bunch of nobody’s, we call this an All-Star cast. The only guy we honestly don’t know in this is the cat playing the asshole character of Michael, that being Robert Michael Ryan, but guess what, now he’s the guy that was in ‘Necrosis’ the next time we happen see him.

Anyway, asshole Michael tells one of those horror stories that people tell in movies like this which freaks everybody out, especially Jerry. Jerry, it would seem, is on crazy repression medication that his girl Samantha thinks is insomnia medication. You would think she would want to get that straight. Jerry sees dead people from the Donner Party everywhere and these dead people are starting to give Jerry advice. Not cool. Worst still our heroes are trapped in this cabin being as the Storm of the Century has them completely snowed in with nowhere to go and nothing to do, and of course no phone service. The only entertainment they have is watching Jerry mentally deteriorate. And Jerry has a shotgun. So the question is 'Has The Crazy gotten into Jerry, or is The Crazy everywhere and has just gotten to Jerry first?'

‘Ice of the Dead’, ‘Dead of Winter’, ‘Blood Snow’ and finally ‘Necrosis’, which is probably the silliest of all of the proposed titles, is an odd combination of a terrible movie which almost transforms itself into a decent movie as it comes to its conclusion. Almost. ‘Necrosis’ is a very short movie and considering its brevity, there were a number of elements that the movie didn’t bother to tie up, or just let dangle in the wind, or just didn’t feel an overwhelming need to explain to us some of these missing elements. Part of these elements might’ve been missing due to budgetary concerns considering that ‘Necrosis’ is clearly a lower budgeted feature, and director Jason Robert Stevens wasn’t able to completely cover up the low budget feel of his film. In many instances the film felt amateurish in parts due to some technical issues such as inconsistent sound, or creative issues such as odd camera angles and a lack of dynamic lighting which any decent horror film needs to create the proper atmosphere to be successful. I also don’t think he did a very good job of guiding his actors because not a lot of what the actors did felt natural and a lot of the dialog sounded forced, with the quality of the acting coming off as poor. Like I said earlier I’ve seen actors in other things and I know they can do better than what they showed here.

But all of that being said, and despite a narrative that was inconsistent at best, the last twenty or so minutes of this movie almost pulls it out of the fire. The incomplete characters and the inconsistent story are behind us now, with the one thing that the movie did do well, that being chronicling the descent of Jerry into madness, is now the main thing driving this movie, and as a psychological survival horror flick, it does this mighty well.

The final act is good but it’s just not good enough to save this movie unfortunately. Ultimately the narrative is too scattershot and open ended and leaves too many things on the table unanswered. There’s a chance this was done by design but it felt like it was done out of necessity before the creditors came a calling.

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