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Christopher Armstead

So I’m talking to a friend of mine about this sketch comedy flick ‘Extreme Movie’ and mention to him that that chick from the TV show ‘7th Heaven’ is in this thing. All blasé like, he asks if it was Jessica Biel and I tell him no, that it was that ‘other’ chick. Now he gets excited. I mean really, really excited. He’s like ‘Beverly Mitchell?!?’ Hell, I don’t know what the woman’s real name is so I say ‘yeah’ because I don’t want him to have a crushing heart attack on the other end of the line. Then he immediately wants to know if she gets naked of course, and I have to tell him that ‘no she does not’, though does walk around in her underwear a bit, but even if she did get naked I still wouldn’t advise him running out and renting or, heaven forbid, buying this movie. I don’t think the boy heard a word I said. You owe me commission for a sale distributors of ‘Extreme Movie’.

Though this is a sketch comedy movie with numerous skits of widely varying hilarity it does have some small semblance of a plot which follows the exploits of goofy and geeky virginal high school student Mike (Ryan Pinkston) and his desire to hook up with Stacy, the hottest girl in school. Mike’s best friends consist of the wheel chair bound Griffin (Rob Pinkston) who is a major player with the ladies… I think the fact that he’s in a wheel chair and is still a playa is supposed to be funny… and his other friend Wyatt (Marcus T. Paulk), who I’m not sure if he’s supposed to be a playa or not, but he does fill the critical role of the annoying African American character quite nicely.

So every once in a while the flick will duck in on Mike and his trials and tribulations in getting closer to the hottie, filling us in on little tidbits about his life such as the fact that he has a tiny pecker, or that he enjoys dry humping his bed, but the bulk of the movie is a seemingly endless array of fairly tasteless skits, some featuring some relatively

famous actors. Michael Cera makes an appearance in a skit that really wasn’t all that funny and that cat from Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm himself, drops in on a skit that really wasn’t all that funny and Matthew Lillard, who I think is a pretty funny dude, has a running commentary in the flick which really wasn’t all that funny either. The afore mentioned Miss Mitchell was in the skit about a boy with an Abraham Lincoln fetish, while intensely offensive was still pretty funny. Also that little obnoxious boy from the Bernie Mac Show made an appearance, kind of grown up, in a somewhat funny Weird Science knock off which was appreciated more for the fact that there was a rare Denise Boutte sighting. How do you pronounce that? Is it ‘boot’ or ‘boo-tay’? I don’t think the woman would call herself ‘Denise Boo-Tay’ for some reason.

So ‘Extreme Movie’ often struggles to find the funny bone on a lot of occasions and it is tasteless but I don’t think it’s nearly tasteless enough. For instance I saw the movie ‘18 Year Old Virgin’ not too long ago and truthfully they held nothing back in that one. ‘Unrated’ actually meant something in that movie, not that it was all that great but they did pull out all the stops in their efforts to titillate and offend. Here, there were times it felt like they were holding back for some reason.

The good thing for this movie, despite the fact it’s not really all that funny is that it is still funnier than those Friedberg / Seltzer theatrical disasters ‘Date Movie’, ‘Epic Movie’, ‘Meet the Spartans’ and I think there’s one more that I made a conscious effort to avoid seeing. This movie, despite the fact it struggles to find its laughter points, still pisses all over those movies. Assuming those ‘Date Movie’ flicks to be the water standard for sketch comedy flicks, which we have to assume is the case since those are the ones that get released to theaters and stuff like ‘Extreme Movie’ or ‘The Onion Movie’ or ‘Universal Remote’ get the Straight to DVD treatment… then Extreme Movie is a work of freaking art. I will never waste an opportunity to inform the world on how bad those ‘Date Movie’ series of flicks are. If one person on the planet doesn’t see any those movies because of something I may have said then my life hasn’t been the total waste that it has been up to this point. Please give me some meaning people.

Anyway, no… ‘Extreme Movie’ isn’t all that funny or really all that Extreme. And no William, Beverly Mitchell doesn’t get naked, as I’m sure you have discovered… but I have seen worse. Oh Lord have I seen worse.

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