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Christopher Armstead

Here’s how I find a lot of the movies I want to watch. So I’ll watch some movie and get ready to write something about it which usually leads me to clicking on some actors or actresses name to see what this actor has done or is about to do. Usually I do this with low budget movies since these feature lesser known actors who will show up in any freaking thing. Like it wouldn’t make sense to watch ‘I am Legend’ and click on Will Smith’s name because TMZ and those other celebrity hound shows are on him and his movie star kind like white on rice. For instance, I finish watching the movie ‘Kaw’, which is about a bunch of killer rabid ravens (no Ray Lewis jokes please), and I see the lead actress in that flick is one Kristin Booth. Thinking the woman was pretty good in this obscure movie and decent looking to boot I click on her name to see what Kristin has coming up. ‘Young People Fucking’. Seeing that title leads one to think that either Kristin has veered off into porn or that somebody seriously has no intention of trying to get AMC or Lowes to show their movie. Apparently it’s the latter as this little Canadian production directed by young ‘Stargate: Atlantis’ producer Martin Gero focuses on the lives of some reasonably young people in the process of doing exactly what the title suggest. Now I’ve seen my fair share of young crazy attractive white kid sex / relationship movies lately and they all have been pretty damned disappointing. How in the world will YPF fare, especially considering it’s from Canada.

Our little ensemble sex comedy features five couples, or rather four couples and one threesome and follows them as they navigate through the five levels of sexual contact. I can’t remember any of these five steps with the exception of Orgasm. Just like a man I suppose. Each couple is labeled, such as the aforementioned Ms. Booth who plays Abby and is married to Andrew (Josh Dean) and they are ‘The Couple’ and being a couple it seems that complacency has set in and the sexual act has become a bit of a chore. They talk about some stuff, discuss the possibility of a circle jerk, Abby pulls out her secret weapon, which I’m sure, similar to tripe, has to be an acquired taste for just about any man. Apparently my man Andrew likes tripe and all is good in the neighborhood.

Matt (Aaron Abrams) and Kris (Carly Pope) are ‘The Friends’. Apparently it’s been a while between drinks at the fountain between the two and Kris strongly suggest that they get down just to keep the gears oiled. ‘Emptying your balls’ I believe is the term she used. E.D. will ensue.

Mia (Sonja Bennett) and Eric (Josh Cooke) are ‘The Exes’ and as this would suggest they decide to hookup, unbeknownst to their friends, for some ‘Ball Emptying’. That term, crude as it is, just seems appropriate. However most of us know that sex is rarely the reason that people break up and these two seem to be having so much fun that it’s escaping their minds why they split in the first place.

Jaimie (Diora Baird) and Ken (Callum Blue) are on their ‘First Date’ and the caddish Ken really doesn’t want to go into her apartment and shake her down as he really wants to try to have a meaningful relationship. Jaime just wants to be shook down. Jaime wins. To the surprise of no one.

Dave (Peter Oldring) and Gord (Ennis Esmer) are ‘The Roomates’. No, they’re not gay as Gord is dating the extremely toasty Inez (Natalie Lisinka), but Gord and Inez have chosen Dave to indulge the beautiful Inez while Gord looks on while doing his own thing off in the corner. Why has Gord chosen Dave? Far be it for me it give it away but I don’t think an insecure dude such as myself would choose Dave to be with my girl. Gord has his reasons though as we will find out soon enough.

My goodness, if this how they get down in Canada, and considering that Windsor is like twenty minutes away I need to visit there more often. If my wife would let me. After seeing ‘Meet Market’, ‘The Sex Movie’, ‘After Sex’ and a few more ensemble sex movies that I can’t remember off hand, I probably wouldn’t have watched YPF if it wasn’t titled YPF. A title like that DEMANDS that you watch it. However, unlike those films, this movie was very entertaining, even though I can’t put my finger on why this particular sex movie was so much more engaging than those others. It’s not like I can relate to any thing going on in this flick since I’m not young anymore, I’ve been married for the last fifteen years so I’m not having sex anymore, I’m not interested in watching some dude screw my wife if he’s not taking away for good, I’m in no mood to allow anybody to violate me with a strap-on, and heaven knows I’ve never had a first date actually ended in sex.

That being said, Gero who co-wrote this movie with Aaron Abrams, infused their movie with a lot of very spicy, very good adult humor and the actors did a fine job in performing their roles and also seemed very comfortable with the compromising situations that they were placed in, though I wonder if they knew the title of this project before signing on to be in the movie. Mr. Gero shoots a pretty picture and presents this familiar subject matter in a way that made it seem reasonably fresh and always amusing, and might I give a high five to Aaron Abrams, who served as a producer in this movie and as such had presence of foresight to not only cast himself, but made sure he got naked with the ridiculously hot Carly Pope in the process. My man.

YPF isn’t earth shattering or anything and I don’t think it’s going to open your eyes to the mysteries of the dating scene but it’s some fine entertainment, very funny, and despite the rather adult subject matter it manages to be a little sweet and sensitive in the process. My boys up north might have wanted to call it something else… but hey, who needs major distribution anyway?

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