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Christopher Armstead

You have to admire the French on some level, because they explore things in their cinema that we over here in the Big Island simply don’t touch on.  That doesn’t mean that all of their movies are good though, like ‘Wild Camp’ (Camping Sauvage) for instance.  This movie sucked pretty hard to be honest with you as it was pointless, tedious, and probably the longest 75 minutes of my life but when was the last time you saw a movie about an older married guy lusting after a young nubile hottie?  Yesterday?  AND the day before?  Oh.  I guess that’s my bad, thus giving you NO reason to run out rent this mess.


Well maybe one reason.  It will give you the opportunity to see actress Islid Le Besco, who plays the character of Camille, nude.  And though Islid is certainly worth seeing nekkid, being tall and completely full bodied, I think I would look around to see if she pops up nude in other movies that one may actually want to see before settling down with this one.


Denis Lavant is Blaise, who has been blessed with a job as the sailing instructor at this French campsite by his brother-in-law.  Blaise really needs the gig because he’s just lost his job, he has a newborn and his wife badgers him hourly by phone begging for money.  Also at the campsite is the aforementioned Camille who is terminally pissed off at the entire world, particularly her parents who force her against her will to enjoy the sunny French beaches and sun.  Bastards!  For whatever reason, Camille, the tall, unsavory blonde bombshell with the traffic pausing figure and permanent snarl, has taken an intense liking to small, wrinkly, balding Blaise.  Very intense.  Now to Blaise’ credit, he does try to resist the little mynx who is at least a full foot taller and twenty pound heavier than he is, but damn, what are you gonna do?

This little situation causes all kind of trouble at the camp because Camille has a boyfriend who rats Blaise out to his wife, and of course the parents are mighty upset, and then the brother in law has to step in because sexing up the underage patrons is strictly against camp policy.  True love however cannot be denied as our lovelorn pair run off together to the country side armed with a video camera, some prescription drugs, and a German Luger.  What do they need a gun for you may ask?  Well this is a French film and that should let you know.


You would think a modern day, May-December Romeo and Juliet saga, albeit with Romeo unable to hold to his end of the bargain, with a naked woman running through most of it wouldn’t be so bad.  But it is fairly awful, and it is made so because the characters in this movie, every single one of them are so unpalatable.  Yeah, Camille has a nice figure but she’s so hateful and so unlikable you just wish she’d stop popping up on screen.  At least with her clothes on.  Same thing goes for the Blaise character as well as dude has absolutely no qualities that you can latch on to, to actually root for the guy.  Since he is cheating on his wife, and abandoning his newborn child for this hateful bitch with the nice rack I guess there’s not a lot to like there anyway, but damn.  But then we meet his wife and one has to suppose that Blaise just likes hateful bitches. 


Though ‘Wild Camp’ was uniquely French with its nonsensical narrative and free sex, it was still an un-uniquely crappy film.  Take my advice and avoid.

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