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Christopher Armstead

Do you have any idea how bad a movie has to be to be considered the worst movie ever? Do you comprehend that to be the worst movie ever that this film would have to span over 100 years of filmmaking and that's a number of films so high that I can’t even guess as to what that number would be? I mention this because while doing a bit of research for another awful film, ‘Confessions of a Call Girl’ which starred the comically voluptuous Tamala Jones, I noticed that she was also in ‘Who’s Your Caddy’. I remember when this film was released to the theaters, sans critical screenings which meant I wasn’t going to go see it, and was soundly lambasted by critics and audiences alike. So when I look at this movie on the IMDB and see that it is rated as #1 on its list of the bottom 100, which is something of an accomplishment indeed as this would make ‘Who’s Your Caddy’ the worst movie of all time. Now for the most part I disregard the IMDB rankings because for whatever reason people tend to rate movies low or high that they haven’t even seen, and then you have producers and their family members dropping 10’s on a movie or others dropping 1’s on a movie because they don’t like somebody who has some association with the movie or whatnot. But to be ranked the #1 worst movie of all time, this is something I have got to see. That would make it worst than ‘Kazaam’, ‘Johnny Mnemonic’, Guy Ritchie’s ‘Revolver’, ‘Leonard Part Six’, ‘Date Movie’, ‘Basic Instinct 2’, ‘I got the Hook-up’, and the list goes on. Could ‘Who’s your Caddy’ be worst than those movies? Not being the shy type I go ahead and rent a copy of this film to see for myself and while I won’t go so far as to say ‘Who’s your Caddy’ is a good film, but it’s not even close to the worst film I’ve seen this week, much less the worst movie of ALL-TIME!

This ‘Caddyshack’ with an urban twist I suppose stars Outkast superstar Big Boi as gangster rap impresario Christopher ‘C-Note’ Hawkins, who has flown in to his home town in South Carolina, along with his outlandish crew to become a member of a super

exclusive golf club ran by the uber-snooty Mr. Cummings (Jeffrey Jones). In one of the many scenes that actually made me laugh in this flick was Mr. Cummings reviewing the memberships of those wishing to enter his club. Naturally Mr. Cummings rejects C-Note’s petition for a membership but the clever rapper has an ace up his sleeve in that he buys a house right off the 17th green and causes all kinds of ruckus and mayhem. Needing a quick resolution to his problem Cummings hires Shannon (Tamala Jones), a Harvard educated lawyer to broker a cash deal to reclaim the property off the green. C-Note, for reasons which will become clear much later, only wants a membership and having no alternative Cummings relents and allows the rapper and his crew to join his club while scheming to get him out.

Naturally mayhem and chaos will ensue and since sports is involved, assuming you consider Golf a sport, there will be some kind of competition leading to Big Shot and this and that.

Allow me to say that ‘Who’s Your Caddy’ is not a very good movie. It is painfully derivative, its narrative has not a single ounce of originality, and it is so unoriginal that it might actually be original in it its lack thereof. The direction by director Don Michael Paul is lackluster, but nonetheless more entertaining than the last film from the director I saw in the terminable ‘The Garden’. Why it’s even borderline offensive in its portrayal of certain African Americans. Some will scoff at borderline, but I’m going to go ahead and roll with only borderline here. But here’s what keeps ‘Who’s Your Caddy’ from being considered as the Worst Movie of All Time at least as far as I’m concerned is because it made me laugh. On numerous occasions. Were there times when I was laughing when I was thinking ‘I really shouldn’t be laughing at that’? Sure there were. but dammit, there I was. Faizon Love is incapable of not being funny, at least in everything I’ve seen him in, and he was hilarious in this. I know Jeffrey Jones is a convicted child molester and all, but does anybody does his ‘Ferris Beuller’ thing better than he does? I think not. Even Terry Crews make an appearance, who also has trouble not being funny no matter how bad the movie he happens to be in. I laughed. On numerous occasions.

‘Who’s Your Caddy’ is just your typical bad movie, not a special bad movie worthy of the derision that it has undeservedly received. I mean this thing is rated worse than ‘Daddy Day Camp’ and ‘Dr. Doolittle 3’. Come on!

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