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I gotta be honest with you people out there, most of whom I don't know even though I still consider you close and personal friends… 'We're The Millers' is the one film in the summer of 2013, at least of the major releases, that hasn't let me down.  I mean I've seen most of them… 'Wolverine', 'Iron Man 3', 'Pacific Rim', 'WWZ', 'The Worlds End' et. al… and while I'm not saying 'We're The Millers' was better than those movies… any of those movies… it fulfilled its promise, at least as far as I'm concerned, more than any of those other movies did. 

Jason Sudekis is low level pot dealer David Clark and David doesn't have much going on in his life as far as ambition.  He sells pot and watches funny videos on the internet.  That's pretty much it.  Unfortunately on this particular day, due to the meddling of the sweet but borderline retarded character of Kenny (Will Poulter), David is robbed of his drugs and a bunch of loot by some thugs.  We could ask why David was carting around damn near sixty grand in his back pack, but we won't ask that.

David's boss, Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms), needs his money like yesterday.  David doesn't have his money.  So Brad makes him a deal… go down to Mexico, pick up some contraband and import it back to the U.S.  Easy.  The thing is David's long hair and bad attitude and mid 80's styled razor stubble isn't going to get him across the border and back with a RV full of contraband.  Then the light goes on!  Dave figures he should hire Rose (Jennifer Anniston), the stripper with the heart of semi-tarnished gold to pose as his wife, foul-mouthed runaway Casey (Emma Roberts) to play his daughter and the afore mentioned Will to play his son, because nobody looks twice at goofy families going in and out of Mexico.  I guess.  I wouldn't know this for a fact, but for the sake of this movies main premise, I'm going to buy into that.
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So our fake family loads up the RV and makes it into Mexico.  They go into the drug compound, get the drugs and with some tension head back to the border.  Along the way they meet some fellow friendly RV-ers in Don (Nick Offerman), his wife Edie (Kathryn Hahn) and their daughter Melissa (Molly C. Quinn) who figure quite prominently in the comedy to come.  Our fake family does make it across the border, but there is trouble, say from the dealer the drugs they unknowingly stole from (Tomer Sisley) wanting his drugs back.  And of course, where would the fun be if the RV didn't break down?  Of course it breaks down silly!  This gives our fake family a chance to bond like a real, live, non-drug smuggling family, and it gives us a golden opportunity for even more comedy. 

Amidst the comedic elements and drug smuggling, will David realize the gift he's given?  That making the big 'score' isn't nearly as important as family, even if you've had this family for a total of about 36 hours and you've been dealing drugs practically your entire life?  What do you think?

Let us get one thing straight about 'We're the Millers' right off the bat.  As a film… we gotta say… it's not a very good one.  I've used this example before but a 'good' film usually begins with a solid concept, which this movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber certainly has, followed by a logical narrative, which 'We're The Millers' certainly does NOT have.  As a logical comedy, it's pretty poor.  As comic thriller, it's damned awful.  As a tale of moral redemption, it's almost criminal.

Good.  We've got that out of the way.  Because I laughed during 'We're The Millers' almost from start to finish.  Yes, it's tasteless and crass and low brow most of the time, but I don't believe it's tasteless and crass and low brow just for the sake of being tasteless.  The comic elements actually build upon itself so that as the movie plays on, it only gets funnier.  It's not a one joke movie.  And while a lot of the comedy was low brow, it wasn't so low brow that I felt bad about laughing at it.  I would feel bad if I had laughed during the bit about the kid being bit on the nutsack by a poisonous spider, but that wasn't funny to me so there was nothing to feel bad about.

I will admit that I haven't been the biggest fan of the comedy of Jason Sudekis and his previous films, but his machine gun style worked here.  Jennifer Anniston as the stripper who doesn't get naked gave us a variation of that thing she usually does, but that worked here as well.  I was somewhat disappointed that international star Tomer Sisley, an actor whose French films I am a big fan of, was completely wasted in throwaway role, but then this does fall under the banner of why this movie was such a terrible comic thriller. 

'We're The Millers' did not let me down.  I didn't come into this movie expecting a logical comedy, a decent comic thriller or a tale of redemption that looked like it could actually happen on the Planet Earth.  I came in to laugh.  I left laughing.  How can I criticize that?
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