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As the title of the documentary goes, The People vs George Lucas, it takes a pretty die hard fan base to turn on the creator of their idolatry.  You don't see Trekkies questioning Roddenberry, LOTR fans singing about how Tolkien ruined their childhood, or Potterheads debating whether it is Rowling or us the fans that own the story. It is unique to Star Wars to have that kind of conflicted fan base. When the 20th century fox music plays, and then the brilliantly penned Star Wars theme plays, as the opening scroll comes, my heart grows 3 sizes like the Grinch.  A joy sweeps over me like no Potter or LOTR movie has.  Combine this joy with my implicit belief that episodes 1-3 don't exist, and you basically have the gist of the conflict. How could George have let us down? And more importantly, when did we give so much power to George?

It is easy to say Chris just doesn't get it, he doesn't get that Ewoks are our friends (Chris hates Ewoks). But a reality check is that Chris is probably speaking for the rest of society, those not bitten by the Lucas curse.  As the documentary shows, those of us afflicted have it bad.  I ate at Taco Bell to collect the Star Wars figurines (last time I ate at taco bell I might add), I own the 1995 VHS THX Edition boxed set.  I saw Phantom Menace, in the theatre, twice. Even though I think it is a terrible movie.  But it is because of this dichotomy that 'The People v George Lucas' exists. We the fans want to know, 'what happened George?'  How can you take us from such brilliant heights to such tragic depths? Was it us?  Did we outgrow the Star Wars Universe?  I don't think so, nor do the people in the documentary.  It made me feel good knowing that I'm not alone in my beef with George.  We want to still believe in George, but 'The Phantom Menace' really tested the faith.
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Jar Jar has been the poster child of all that is wrong with the Star Wars universe, but as the documentary points out, there were cracks starting to show beforehand.  The constant editing, and re-rereleasing with additional footage is like having hundreds of paper cuts.  Alone, one of the edits wouldn't hurt.  But combined?  They're weakening the soul of what we came to love.  I can't say I noticed the change of the theme music, and I wouldn't begrudge George for moving that.  Adding in Jabba the Hut into 'A New Hope'? I'm not a fan, that was unnecessary and didn't add to the story and makes Jabba's entrance in Jedi less dramatic.  The ultimate in bad editing is having Han NOT shoot first.  George argues that ultimately, Star Wars is his property. That like his house, if he wants to paint it green and everyone else wants him to paint it red, he can paint it green. It is after all his house.  Sadly though, once 'A New Hope' was given to the masses on May 25 1977, it ceased to be the sole property of George.  We, The People and George  and co. own this property, all the more so since the franchise has grossed $431 million. It is George's vision, but it is our fascination with that galaxy far far away that keeps it going. Movies are consumable art, and Star Wars isn't some indie new wave French movie.  It is the definition of a blockbuster- it's got the action figures, Legos toys, and Halloween costumes to prove it.  George can paint his house green, but may want to consider the red, understanding his goal is to have people watch and enjoy his movies.  George also argues that due to budget and time constraints, 'A New Hope' wasn't the movie he wanted to release. Well, too late George. That shipped has sailed, and you know what? We the fans, we liked 'A New Hope' the way it was- no Jabba the Hutt.  Han shooting first.  We actually liked it a lot. Why couldn't George leave well enough alone?

Is it the money George? Is that what is driving this?  You didn't get enough from the merchandising?  Help me to understand why this need to tweak that which many of us thought was pretty great already.  Not perfection, but pretty awesome.  I liked seeing trash can robots,  that was part of the appeal of 'A New Hope'.  The new movies focused too much on CGI. As Jurassic Park taught us, just because you can, doesn't mean you should.  There were so many cool new gadgets to play with in 1997 that didn't exist twenty years before, but don't let that be the guiding Force (pun intended). Where did the campy western soap opera go?  It was nonexistent in the trade war non sense of 'The Phantom Menace' and the Clone Wars of Ep 2. Those not afflicted by the curse will ask us, 'why can't you just let it go'?

To them I say, 'no I can't let it go'.  Despite how horrible Phantom Menace was, it is the 5th highest grossing film (in contrast Dark Knight is 29th) when adjusted for inflation.  And that is the rub, we the Star Wars fan went in droves to see that movie.  People camped out for weeks (months even) to fill that void that had been growing for over 15 years.  People skipped worked. I was in college at the time, and classes were surprisingly empty that day.  The expectations for that movie were off the charts, and we were rewarded with…Jar Jar.  For that, George is guilty and is solely responsible for the terribleness of that movie.  We the people are guilty for having put George up on a pedestal, one so high in the clouds that he no longer is a mere mortal.  He is Lucas, hear him roar.  It didn't dawn on those afflicted with the curse that Phantom could be a bad movie. George is guilty of providing us with 3 of the most amazing movies EVER (Chris and I differ on Jedi) then destroying the legacy with Eps. 1-3. We agree that his genius in creating this whole universe in his head should be revered.  To have watched Eps 4-6 is to have been in the presence of cinematic genius.  We the fans, having been so inspired, clamored for more.  George set us up for that, numbering the movies 4-6. So George gave the masses what they wanted - episodes 1-3. But in so doing, he incurred the wrath of his fans, and thus we continue in this twisted relationship.  When word from the evil Disney Empire came that a Star Wars movie will come out every summer starting in 2015 - well, there was joy mixed with concern.  Not using the Timothy Zahn novels? Questionable choice, but despite all this the movies will earn millions. You know who will be there for each and every terrible movie (can't wait to have a whole wookie movie - perhaps George has learned and will have subtitles), two thumbs pointed at this Star Wars fan. Why?  Because I'm afflicted by the curse, but am cognizant to realize that we all are guilty.  We the fans, as well as George.  Stay strong my fellow Star Wars fans, there may be more evidence in future movies that could overturn this guilty verdict.
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