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My main problem with people who boycott things like movies and books and the such, is that they usually end up doing it before actually seeing or reading the work that has them all upset.  They pull out picket signs and burn stuff in effigy mainly because somebody somewhere told them too.  Now if Supreme Ruler Kim Jong-un gets on Google Play and shells out his hard earned six bucks, just like I did, to watch 'The Interview'… well… let's just say if he wanted to point one of his defective ICBM's our way and end our imperialistic dog rule… I'd completely understand.  But I know he didn't do that, so I will advise the Supreme Ruler to keep his six bucks in his pocket, because quite honestly, considering all the ruckus this Moron-Com caused, it wasn't worth it.

Dave Skylark (James Franco) is the host of some Hollywood type talk show and Aaron Rappaport (Seth Rogen) is his producer.  I'm trying to think of a real world equivalent to this show, but truly nothing is coming to mind.  Maybe 'The View' if The View was even more vapid than it already is.  Regardless, Dave and Aaron are bros to the end, since they seem to live together, despite the fact they both have really, really good jobs and probably could get their own places, they party together… in fact I think they do everything together except have sex with each other, which very well could be happening as well.  I can neither confirm nor deny this.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

The problems start with Aaron, who is tired of being a lightweight, and wants to do some hard journalism.  The opportunity arrives when the bro's hear that Kim Jong Un is a big fan of their show and actually grants Dave an unprecedented one-on-one interview.  Yay!  But then CIA agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) shows up and informs the bro's of this golden opportunity to use this interview to strike a blow for FREEDOM by assassinating the North Korean leader.  The plan she's devised is really simple, but these two, of course, are morons.
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Anyway, they land in North Korea, and it's not nearly as bad as we all have heard.  Aaron for his part has met the fetching Lt. Sook (Diana Bang) who will show him around… about that broken English Asian accent Ms. Bang was using… at times I think she went Russian on us.  Pretty sure that was a Russian accent I heard.  And Dave has met Supreme Ruler Un (Randall Park) and he, as it turns out, is one awesome dude.  Dave has officially been bromanced, and the mission is in jeopardy.

Until Supreme Ruler turns out to be not so awesome and now the mission is back on for real.  But now our Moronic Heroes have to do this on their own, as opposed to easy plan that was originally laid out for them, with action and hilarity sure to follow.  In theory at least.

Here's the thing about 'The Interview' in that it is a fairly typical Seth Rogen / Evan Goldberg cinematic experience.  Meaning it's tasteless, it's moronic, it's funny in spots, it's not very funny in other spots, and none of this stops Seth Rogen from still being my personal hero.  Because he's overweight and marginally talented, similar to myself… minus the marginal talents… and he has taken those gifts and created an amazing career for himself.

But back on point, all I'm saying is if it wasn't for the whole hacking incident, this movie would've come and gone just like so many mediocre movies that that the movie machine releases on a weekly basis, and it's highly unlikely that I would've even bothered to watch it, until it rolled around on HBO in a couple of years, but because I love freedom, I gave Sony six bucks of my hard earned dollars, which is basically two days of work for me. We're all about Freedom here at the FCU.

'The Interview' actually starts out pretty funny, especially with the opening scene in the People's Republic, and then there's the satire elements on the Hollywood talk shows which are also funny and clever, but eventually the movie just runs out of steam.  Not surprisingly, the script starts to rely on penis and anus jokes for a lot of its humor, and then in the third act 'The Interview' almost completely stops trying to be funny and becomes an odd version 'Die Hard 3' or something.  That didn't work too well either.

'The Interview' didn't need or deserve the scrutiny it has received as it was a fairly typical moron-com, but I'm thinking that blowback from the hacking incident, while bad for Sony overall, has actually been good for this movie.  Freedom, in the form of profits, wins again.

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