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Christopher Armstead

Years ago, a young up and coming actor by the name of John Savage, fresh off an amazing performance in ‘The Deer Hunter’ starred in one of the best movies I had seen at the time In the Oscar nominated ‘Inside Moves’.  Great movie.  I haven’t seen it in ages, so I should revisit it to see if it’s still as good as I remember.  A couple years later, an up and coming pretty young actress by the name Sean Young was in a film that is still considered the watermark of Science Fiction Cinema in many circles by the name of ‘Blade Runner’.  Again, another great movie.  Twenty plus years later, these two actors of whom I sure thought their futures were certain back in the early eighties, show up in a film that is undoubtedly one of the worst movies of this, or any other time, in MTI Home Entertainment’s ‘The Drop’. 

Chances are, if you’re reading this from the website, you clicked on this film under the Garbage Corner heading, and it’s going to take some doing to get out of there, let me tell you.  The ‘film’ opens with some guy looking through a peephole and the getting shot in his eye.  Shooter dude then kicks the door down and takes a briefcase.  Why he shot the dude is never explained.  Simply the hazards of looking through a peep hole I imagine.  Next we see our hero, Carter (Michael Bondies) interviewing with the shooter dude who shot the other dude in the eye for the job of driving a Benzo from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Pay is 5 large.  Half now, half upon completion.  Carter, never being one to look a gift horse in the mouth doesn’t find this strange.  For the next ten minutes we are subjected to the most inane of montage shots of Carter talking on the phone to his fiancée, intercut with them lying on the bed staring at each other, intercut with a car driving down the road.  For

ten minutes!  I’m thinking to myself, ‘self, this is lame’, but self keeps watching because I still haven’t seen John Savage or Sean Young yet.

So Carter makes it to L.A., and then in a parking garage he sees Ivy (Sean Young – at last) walking to an elevator, and Carter lapses into an erotic dream about her. I suppose that’s a creative way squeeze half of an middle-aged tit in a movie.  After the dream, NOW he decides to see if he’s actually moving any contraband and looks into the trunk.  There he finds the briefcase, opens it and sees what I can assume is some evil paperwork or something, because it freaks him out and it shines a pretty blue light.  Carter then starts running around like a complete idiot, while some other cats show up looking for the case and start shooting at him, attempting to force him to tell them where he hid the damn thing.  Carter flees to an elevator where he meets Mr. Zero (Sadly, John Savage), who is actually Satan and needs the case for some Man destroying reason.  The rest of the movie is Carter running goofily in a parking garage, trying to avoid getting shot at by Mr. Zero and his henchman.

Despite the incredible shittiness of this film, it does do one thing well in that it makes you watch in the hope that it will explain what the hell is going on.  It does not.  A better title for this movie would have been ‘Watch Carter Run like and Idiot’, because A). That’s what the movie was about and B). I wouldn’t have put a movie called ‘Watch Carter Run like an Idiot’ in my Blockbuster cue.  You see people, companies don’t bless me with free video screeners to review.  I rent them just like you do.  I get to go to theatrical releases for free but I gotta PAY to see stuff like ‘The Drop’.

Eventually, they attempt to explain that Carter is The Key and he needs to open the case just like his dad did back in the day.  What’s in the case?  We assume it’s something to end mankind or something.  Why didn’t it do this when Carter’s dad opened the case back in the day?  Who knows?  Who cares? 

One other thing that ‘The Drop’ has illustrated to me.  If you have a few bucks in your bank account so that the checks won’t bounce and a DV camera, you can get just about anybody within reason to be in your film.  No, Will Smith and Julia Roberts wouldn’t show up in ‘The Drop’, at least not today, but twenty years from now, there’s no telling what they might be willing to do.  I mean Sean Young showed half of her tit in this movie.  Damn.

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