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Christopher Armstead

So after watching ‘Super Eruption’ and ‘Super Tanker’ and ‘Super Volcano’ and ‘Super Shark’ and Super whatever else… imagine our joyful glee at getting this German produced, Maverick distributed film ‘Super Storm’. I know full well that I’m about to get some poorly produced, SyFy-esque disaster action with suspect special effects and shakier acting. I can’t wait. But then we watched ‘Super Storm’ and did we get any of those things? Well, we did get some suspect special effects and shaky acting, but what we didn’t get was Super Storms totally wrecking stuff! No, we got a love story bookended with storms in the beginning and the end, and they weren’t all that Super. You know if you put the word ‘Super’ in front of your title there is a responsibility to the viewer to make whatever follows that word really Super, but since this did come out of Germany I imagine we’ll have to give them a pass this one time because maybe they just didn’t know. Sure, ‘Super Storm’ wasn’t all that bad a movie and if you’re looking for a badly dubbed, Lifetime TV styled love story, but if you’re looking for a Super Storm about to rip the planet apart, which is what a Super Storm should do… I’m sorry, but we must keep searching.

Anna (Valerie Niehaus) is the best of the best when it comes to commercial pilots. Today she’s ferrying her big ‘ol plane towards another uneventful touchdown to Munich, talking to her co-pilot how she’s going to be piloting the jumbo 380 soon, when they hit a storm… a Super Storm. The Control Tower says it’s just a regular storm, but Anna has never experienced anything like this and she can feel her plane about to be ripped apart. So she makes the executive decision to land her big jet on a nearby short runway, saving a bunch of lives in the process, but unfortunately tossing a bunch of euro in the garbage once we see what she did to that jet with her daring landing.

Next thing you know Anna’s under review, being thrown under the bus by her co-pilot, who used to be her boyfriend, with even her old man not offering support. There is a doctor on the panel who believes what Anna encountered was a Super Cell, but he has no proof and now Anna’s been suspended from her sweet pilot gig.

What Anna needs is Super Storm proof to get her job back, and she hears about a pair of brothers who chase super storms in their single engine prop planes. I never did figure out why they did this and how they make money off of this, but this is what they do for a living. Fortunately for Anna the younger brother is a pot smoking dunklebrain and has injured himself, which means his super angry, commercial pilot hating older brother needs a pilot to continue on. He’s distrustful of Anna, maybe because she is lying to him and stuff, but she proves herself worthy and off to skies they go to chase Super Storms… and fall in love.

Did we mention that Anna was lying and stuff? Oh, did we mention the evil land developer? Yep, there’s an evil land developer which has almost nothing to do with anything in this movie. But the filmmakers found a need to inject an evil, nature hating, resort building land developer in this movie.

Obviously John will find out that Anna was lying about being an Australian bush pilot, love will be challenged, there will be a storm, lives will be at stake and hopefully love will be preserved.

Admittedly there are a lot of things about ‘Super Storm’ that do make it low budget Sci-Fi disaster movie worthy, such as some suspect CGI effects, starting with the impending big plane, storm disaster that starts the film off, and the little plane mud slide disaster that closes out the show. The movie also has some breathtaking real life effects that feature some stunning aerial photography of some stunning panoramic views of various European country sides. Did we expect to see stunning panoramic views? No, we expected to see storms wrecking stuff, and found a love story instead. We can’t lie to you… that’s disappointing for us, but I guess if you can get past the disappointment of not seeing storms wrecks stuff and take lives, then maybe the love story isn’t so bad.

It’s typical as far as these movie love tales go, with the exception that the male and female characters have kind of switched roles with the guy being all sensitive and emotional and stuff with the woman being the corporate minded liar and all, but it’s the same guy doesn’t like girl, guy likes girl, guy gets girl, guy loses girl until it all comes together at the end. Valerie Niehuaus and Xavier Hutter are appealing actors, though we do think Ms. Niehaus could be Meredith Baxter’s long lost daughter given away to adoption some years ago, and the backdrop of super storms masking a love story is kind of unique. I suppose. And I am curious who thought it was a good idea to include an evil land developer.

But alas, we did want to see storms killing people. We didn’t get that. So a word of warning when seeking out ‘Super Storm’… Storms don’t kill people in this movie. Love just slays the heart. That’s what you get with this one.

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