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We have discovered the Higgs-Boson, or the God Particle as they call it, so it's time to do something with it, like put it in a fancy tunnel and make it smash into itself.  Collide so to speak.  For that we will need a Supercollider, like the one this movie 'Supercollider', and while you might think particles running into themselves seems dull, you haven't seen anything yet.

Heading this program is super smart physicist Dr. Victor Susskind, who is about to put this project online and create all kinds of super clean, super free energy.  Profit margin for super clean, super free energy?  Zero.  We should mention some dude tried to call him to warn the good doctor that something bad was about to happen if he goes through with it, but alas he didn't get the call in time and this gentlemen exists no more.  Funding this project is a really suspect looking billionaire named Leo Tarskey (Enzo Cilenti), who just looks like he is up to no good.

It's time to hit start on this mother, but Victor notices a discrepancy and is about to pull the plug… too late.  Something goes wrong and everything goes to smithereens sending shockwaves throughout the universe and blowing up the planet.  Or something like that.

Not so fast!  After this unfortunate event, Victor wakes up in a rundown motel and is shaken out his slumber by his friend Chuck (Brendan Beiser) and upon exiting this dive, Victor notices things are really different.  For starters, the world is one gloomy looking joint and decay is everywhere, also Vincent is no longer married to his pretty wife Natalie (Amy Bailey) who is now just the town tramp, and his cute daughter Jessica (Mia Nordstrom) died years ago.  Plus, he's no longer even a physicist but just a lowly IT guy.  Now I know being an IT guy isn't the highest paying gig on the planet, but it pays well enough that Victor should've been living in a better dump than the one he is currently in.
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Everything has changed.  But the problem is that Victor seems to be the only one that knows that the way things are, isn't the way that things are supposed to be.  Well, actually, everybody kind of knows, but they just call it the confusion disease or something.  That everybody on the planet has. 

The worst part is the natural disasters that keep occurring, which seem primed to rip the planet Earth to shreds.  Victor knows he can somehow fix this, because somehow his IPhone, which will never be invented, has survived this disaster.  Roll with it. 

The thing is that there is at least one more person who is aware of the way things used to be, and that would be that guy we didn't trust in the first place, Leo Tarskey.  But why would Leo basically sanction the destruction of the entire Earth?  Uh… for a big payday silly?  Look, I like a good heist as much as the next guy, but Leo's plan for the money grab was, at best, ill-conceived.  Our hope is that Victor can set things right.  I'm not sure the screenwriters figured out a way to make him do this, other than just to have it be so.  Roll with it.  You have no choice.

Since I largely hang out in what one would call the 'bad neighborhood' of movies, the ghetto so to speak, I'm very familiar with the works of the director of this film 'Supercollider', that being my main man Jeffrey Scott Lando.  Unfortunately, most of Jeffrey Scott's films, at least the ones I've seen, and I've seen most, haven't been very good.  Still, that doesn't mean I don't admire what he does.  That being said, 'Supercollider' also isn't very good.  'Supercollider' takes a very good concept, one of that mysterious God Particle causing a ruckus, and turns it into one of the more boring, slow moving, inert sci-fi action thrillers in recent memory.  I'm not even sure how that happened here considering the movie does have fight scenes and shoot outs and spontaneous tornado action and apocalyptical world destruction along with and all kinds of action themes, but nothing seemed to move with any kind of urgency in this movie.

It didn't help that the audience wasn't given much to chew on as far as the fake science was concerned.  Meaning that whether it's authentic or not, we do need to be fed a solid line of well-presented B.S. on how this could actually happen, and we didn't get that.  Then our heavy had one of the more inane plans ever to steal money… considering he's already a billionaire… which is why in these types of films I always prefer the religious lunatic angle because it's really hard to poke holes in the beliefs of a religious lunatic.

But the performances weren't terrible, FCU favorite Atanis Srebrev shows up in a record breaking 48th movie on this site, the lady playing the psychiatrist was pretty hot and Enzo Cilenti was pretty good playing the sleazy billionaire.  The only problem for poor Enzo is that his wife Sienna Guillory also made a God Particle movie in 'The Big Bang' which was way better than this, which means she gets God Particle movie bragging rights at dinner every single day.  Sorry Enzo.
Slow AND nonsensical… that's not a combination for success on almost any ones meter. 
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