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Christopher Armstead

The question you will need to ask yourself before choosing to see the comedy ‘Superbad’ is how much infantile potty mouth humor can you stand?  My limit apparently, as we learn new things about ourselves, seems to be around 45 minutes worth.  That is an awful lot of infantile potty mouth humor for a man close to twenty years removed from high school, and sadly, the further I get away from those glorious high school years, that number can only go down.  ‘Superbad’ is close to TWO HOURS long which is a completely unacceptable number for an infantile potty mouth humored movie… way to long.  There were laughs to be had in ‘Superbad’, it just waaaaaay to damned long.   Way to long.  I don’t know if I made my point yet, but ‘Superbad’ was way to long.  So if you’re between the ages of say fifteen and twenty-five, chances are this may the funniest movie you’ve ever seen.  Your generations ‘Blazing Saddles’.   Between twenty five and around forty five you may find yourself amused but irritated.  If you’re over the age of forty five, after witnessing ‘Superbad’ you will soon seek out the residence of Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal, picket her home and demand that she be fired IMMEDIATELY!

Jonah Hill, who I swear has been in like the last ten movies I’ve seen, is profane high school senior Seth who’s number one road dog is the far less profane but much wittier high school senior Evan (Michael Cera).  It’s a good thing they have each other because they’re not considered the coolest kids in school.  As a matter of fact, early on in this flick one of the really cool kids spits on Seth.  Now I ask you, what kind of person spits on another person?  That’s just plain nasty.  Is this something you kids do nowadays, spit on each other?  I may have been one of the ‘cool kids’ in high school, but if I saw a ‘cool’ friend of mine spit on a geek, I would have had no choice but to kick my friends ass because nobody deserves to get spit on.  Kick me in the nutsack if you must, but you better the hell not spit on me.  Anyway as expected Seth and Evan don’t have much luck with the ladies though Evan has a big crush on his pretty classmate Becca (Martha MacIsaac) and Becca really likes Evan a lot too but Evan is too dim-witted to see it and Seth is a bit self conscious about his over-weightness and believes he has to get a girl drunk to score some action.

Surprise, surprise, one of the most popular girls in school, Jules (Emma Stone) invites Seth and Evan to a house party she’s tossing and when the ultra geeky Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) tells the boys that he just scored a fake I.D. Seth promises Jules that he will be able to secure all the liquor necessary for some underage drinking goodness.  Now the adventure begins.  In the vein of ‘Into the Night’ or ‘After Hours’ the boys spend the night of all nights in a desperate attempt to get the liquor, avoid a pair of insane cops, keep from killing each other, make it to the party so that they can finally lose their virginity and ultimately find the meaning of true friendship and learn the meaning of respect for women.

I don’t if I made myself clear earlier, but I would have liked this movie a helluva lot more if it were  a half hour shorter.  Where was the editor on this flick, huh?  Grow a pair Mr. Editor and tell director Greg Mottola that ‘NO! we’re cutting this scene short because it stopped being funny five minutes ago!’  Or maybe actor Seth Rogan, who played one of the crazy cops and co-wrote and co-produced the picture cop-blocked the editor because he feared they were cutting some his best gags.  Grow a pair Mr. Editor and cut it short!  Thanks to the glorious magic and huge capacity of the Digital Versatile Disk you can put all that stuff that you loved so much on the bonus features.  Bonus Features totally rock!  Now as it stands there’s nothing left for the DVD of ‘Superbad’ except lame director’s commentary and cast interviews.  All the deleted scenes were left in the damn movie!

‘Superbad’ did make me laugh.  As crass and as vulgar as the humor was, it did make me laugh.  Twenty years from now actor Michael Cera will be the next Tom Hanks and you heard it here first.  The title is pretty stupid and the opening credits have this 70’s groove which was sweet, but really didn’t have anything to do with the movie though.  But the main thing I can say about ‘Superbad’, and I think you know where I’m going with this, is that it was Too Damn Long.

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