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Between the three of them, as of today, they are two hundred and twenty two years old.  I mean Alan Arkin, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken are so old I had to pull up Calc to do the math on how old they are.  And if I added in Mark Margolis who plays the villain in this movie 'Stand Up Guys', we'd be pushing hard against 300 years worth of old man.  There are some seriously old dudes in this movie.  But gosh darn, these old dudes really, really know what they are doing and we appreciated them an awful lot in this movie.
After 28 years in state enforced bondage, Val (Pacino) is finally being released to the world.  There to pick Val up from prison is his best friend in the whole wide world, Doc (Walken).  We can tell within in minutes of meeting Val that the old dude is a bit of a handful.  He complains about Doc's crap apartment, he complains about Doc not having Cinemax, and he's drinking Doc's aftershave.  Hell if I know why he's doing that as there have to be easier and safer ways to get a buzz.  While Val is whining incessantly, Doc has a gun behind his back like he's going to shoot Val, but other than the fact that Val is a bit annoying, why would Doc want to shoot his best friend?  Hmm….

I imagine if a man has been in jail for almost three decades, even if this man is in his seventies, he might want a little action and this leads Val and Doc to the home the Madam Wendy (Lucy Punch).  Unfortunately things on us men tend to deteriorate with age, but fortunately for us men they have fixed this problem this since Val has been in prison, and since these old dudes are career criminals, they know how to effortlessly break into places to acquire erectile dysfunction drugs free of charge.  And I've priced that stuff and it is damned expensive.  Not that I need it because you know... let's move on.
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Thus we have the first act of 'Stand Up Guys' which consists of Doc dealing with his unstable friend and showing him a good time, which is probably the weakest part of this movie because even though Walken and Pacino are great actors, they can only carry  a film  featuring them doing not much of nothing only so far.  

But eventually we learn why Doc might want to shoot his good friend and we also swoop by the old folks home to pick up Hirsch the Wheelman (Arkin), and this about the time that that 'Stand Up Guys' starts to find it's groove and we the audience begin to figure out what kind of movie this is supposed to be. 

Now we have three really old dudes loose in the city, carousing the whorehouse yet again, running from the cops, shooting people in the kneecaps, helping damsels in distress and ultimately trying to figure out a way out of a really bad situation.  In case you're curious, the kind of bad situation these old cats are in… there's really only one way out.

So I'm thinking, as I'm watching director Fisher Stevens movie 'Stand Up Guys,' that the producers first found a way to round up Walken, Pacino and Arkin for their movie then eventually got around to figuring out what kind of movie that they were going to actually put them in.  And I'm seriously thinking they might not have actually settled in to figuring this out until halfway through the shoot.  This dynamic does give 'Stand Up Guys' the feeling that it lacks some focus early on, director Stevens relying on the fact that Christopher Walken and Al Pacino are universally awesome and that an audience will be entertained just watching these two veterans of the game simply interact, and while this first act does have its moments… how could it not… it still was kind of meandering and not going anywhere in particular. 

But as I mentioned earlier, as the actual plot started to kick in, as rudimentary as it might've have been, 'Stand Up Guys' becomes much more cohesive and almost irresistible.  Or maybe this was when Alan Arkin showed up, who as the oldest of the old dudes in the movie added a touch of 'maturity' to the film.  Now the film is still kind of meandering, and there's still no real focus to anything these three old dudes are doing during this one night, but for whatever reason hanging out with them has become infinitely more fun.  And it's not lost on us that the subsequent acts include a cop car chase, shootouts and a naked chick in the trunk of a car. 

All this verbiage is simply to say that 'Stand Up Guys' was probably a success the minute the last old dude signed on the dotted line.   It is flawed, and there are times when one might question whether or not this is even an actual movie and not just a glorified one act play reunion of old actors, but for this movie viewer, 'Stand Up Guys' ultimately delivers the goods.
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