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Bud Carlson

Seems Sean (Nathan Phillips) saw something he wasn't supposed to. Out riding his dirtbike on the backstreets of the heavily forested section of Oahu, he pulls his bike off the road just in time to see notorious gangster Eddie Kim bashing the brains in of the chief prosecutor from LA, with a baseball bat. Everybody knows Eddie Kim is a bad dude, so Sean knows enough to jump back on his dirtbike and speed on out of there. Problem is, Eddie knows that Sean saw him. And Eddie also knows that Sean has joined up with FBI agent Flynn (Samuel L Jackson), and that they are going to fly back to LA together, so that Sean can testify against Eddie. So Eddie has to come up with a new and creative way to bring down the plane, to keep Sean from testifying. Bring on the snakes, and make it hundreds of them, from all parts of the globe!! 

Look, this movie is no cinematic marvel, and will not be confused with an art house piece anytime soon. As the characters are introduced and the story unfolds (before the snakes come into play), the film is not interesting at all. The characters are poorly developed, and you have no feelings or sympathies with any of them.  So after the first twenty minutes of the movie, you're thinking to yourself "bring on the snakes already!"  Ah, never fear, the snakes are just around the corner.  And once the snakes arrive, the movie is fun, real fun to watch. Campy as hell, with gratuitous gore, plus just the right amount of humor blended with Samuel L's over-the-top acting style. If

you're seriously freaked out by snakes, then maybe this movie isn't for you; but don't let a "discomfort" with snakes keep you from seeing this ... the critters are not that fierce or scary. The "horror" from this movie is not based on the suspense of the situation, it's based on snakes swarming, and blood spraying. If you're sitting on the edge of your seat watching this one, you're missing the point!


Seeing this movie is all about having a fun time at the theater. It's all about snakes on a plane. It is what it is. And I found it to be quite entertaining!

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