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Christopher Armstead
So you're driving down the street with your homeboy, minding your own business with your only intention being to chase down and hijack a car full of drugs.  That it.  Thus when you pull the car over and one of the guys in the car shoots you, that's very upsetting.  Fortunately our hero, Vincent (Tomer Sisley) survived this gunshot wound, more or less, got his drugs and along with his partner Manuel (Laurent Stocker), they got away.  Besides, they gotta get to work since their primary function is protecting Paris from law breakers, such as themselves, as police detectives.  That's a complicated situation, but things are going to get much more complicated for Vincent, kind of, all in the span one day, in this action thriller 'Sleepless Night'.

Vincent and Manuel have their drugs, heck if I know what they plan to do with them, but that's neither here nor there right now because the drug kingpin Jose (Serge Roaboukini) has Thomas (Samy Seghir) in his custody.  Who is Thomas?  Why that's Vincent's somewhat disrespectful thirteen year old son, and while the boy probably could use a few lessons in the manners department, he is the man's child. 

Now this Jose character isn't really a bad dude as far as drug dealers go, at least in the sense that he's not looking forward to killing Thomas, but he knows that Vincent has his drugs and he needs Vincent to bring him these drugs to his popping night club before the dude to whom he's selling these drugs shows up.  Very simple.

We can infer that over the course of Thomas' life that Vincent probably hasn't been the best dad, but he's not going to let the boy die and as such he's brought the drugs to the club.  But here's where things get complicated a little bit.  Detective Vignali (Lizzy Brochere), the
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cutest, thinnest, youngest police detective you will ever want to see, has been suspicious of Vincent for a while and all of her own volition has followed him to this club in hopes of bringing him to justice.  Vignali's boss, Commander Lacombe (Julien Bosselier) is also aware of Vincent's side dealings, but for different reasons that we won't get into.  Also at this club are the brutal thugs looking to purchase these drugs in Faydek (Joey Starr) and his right hand man Yilmaz (Birol Unel) and in a movie filled with people that aren't very nice, these are the least nicest people. 

Thus Vincent has a simple path.  Get the drugs from the hiding place, give them to Jose, get Thomas.  But there's no drugs no more.  Oh snap!  And now the real adventure begins.  Thomas life is in increasing danger, not everybody is quite what they seem, everybody at this club seems to be shooting at Vincent, and that gunshot he received in the beginning of the movie isn't healing itself.  Action, mayhem and chaos shall ensue, en masse.

Director Frederic Jardin's 'Sleepless Night', in a few words, is a batch of awesomeness in its most ridiculous form.  What that basically means is if you want to see a dynamic star run through one spectacular action set piece after another, with a bullet in his chest, and have very little problem that not a lot that takes place in this movie could happen on any version of the planet Earth that you are currently familiar with, then 'Sleepless Night' is just about irresistible.  However if any of those things I mentioned just above bother you, then might find issue with this one.

Let's talk about the star for a second in Tomer Sisley, this being the third movie I've seen Mr. Sisley in, the first two being those Largo Winch films I personally thought were fantastic… if not somewhat similar to this in their heavy reliance on action over common sense… but from where I'm sitting based on those previous efforts Mr. Sisley looks to have this action thing down fairly pat.  He's not an oppressive figure, or musclebound at least as far as I can tell, in fact it looks like he should probably front load on some carbs if you were to ask me since he is a little on the thin side, but my man has soul in conjunction with a definitive screen presence which goes a lot farther than biceps and triceps. 

This isn't to say that Vincent didn't kick some ass in this movie because 'Sleepless Night', more so than any movie I've recently seen, and that includes stateside insanity such as 'Bullet to the Head' and 'The Last Stand'… no shortage of muscles for the leads of those movies… but this is an action movie first and foremost.   This movie, from the first scene to the last, almost never stops.  Even the setup for the plot, which was admittedly rudimentary at best, developed itself largely on the fly, in the midst of some action sequence.  Car chases, shoot outs, fist fights… the inspired kitchen knife fight was particularly entertaining and brutal… 'Sleepless Night' has you covered.

Does it make any sense?  Oh good heavens no.  The longer the movie goes the more nonsensical it gets until it loses all sense of any kind of reality by the time it reaches its end.  Of course, the way it's designed, you shouldn't have too much time to think about how nutty this movie is until it's over, but then the argument could also be made that this movie has too much action.  I'm not the one saying that, but if someone were to make that argument, I'd have a hard time rebutting it.

Nonetheless, and I've been saying this for years, the French have been my go to guys when it comes action thrillers and the existence of 'Sleepless Night' has done nothing to change this blanket statement. 
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