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I'm happy for The Asylum as they have been slaving away at this movie making thing for quite a while now and have been subjected to almost complete derision since Day 1.  Not from me mind you, but by an awful lot of folks out there, and sure, the vast majority of this derision might be deserved… but still.  'Sharknado' changed all of that… in a way.  It was still a terrible movie, but it got my boys some much needed publicity and I assume a revenue uptick, and as such we are pleased for them.  And like any company that makes movies, if one was marginally successful, then its time to hit them with a sequel.  So here we are with 'Sharknado 2: The Second One', and while it too is terrible, I think it is better than the first one.  I guess?

A few years have passed since the sharknado tragedy in Los Angeles, but Fin (Ian Ziering) and April (Tara Reid) have found a way to turn that frown upside down by writing a book about it.  In fact, they are on their way to NYC to attend a book signing, but dang if Fin ain't tripping for real.  He thinks, upon approach, that he sees sharks floating around in the atmosphere.  That's crazy, right?  Of course it isn't because the name of the movie is Sharknado.  What's crazy is that Kelly Osbourne is on board as an air waitress and this plane is being flown by Robert Hays.  Thus we have what will be a staple of this particular episode of Sharknado... the cameo.  The Co-Pilot was Rachel True with whom we've had an unrequited love affair with ever since 'The Covenant'. 

Fortunately, the plane land safely thanks to Fin's badassery, since it's pilots were eaten by sharks… don't think about it… though April did suffer a rather severe injury during the attack.  Now Fin has to jump back into action to warn the Big Apple of the impending sharknado.  This time helping Fin are his ex-girlfriend Skye (Vivica Fox) and some other people like his sister Ellen (Kari Wuhrer).  That almost a hundred years of hotness between Vivica and Kari right there.  Fin and Skye were in love in high school back in the day, but alas it was a different time with different expectations for different people, so their love could not be… and while this exposition between Fin and Skye took all of 45 seconds while the pair was riding up an elevator to battle swirling sharks, it still managed to be plenty long enough for me to throw in my mouth repeatedly.
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Since this Sharknado is attacking New York, we need news updates and normally we'd expect some obscure fake news updates, for this movie, one owned by NBC / Universal we get The Today Show with Matt Lauer and Al Roker, not to mention Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan.  Al looked like he was completely on board with this madness… not so sure about Matt. 

The last time, Fin threw a bomb in the Sharknado to save L.A., this time that's not gonna work because of some nonsense Al Roker told me that I forgot.  This time, Fin, with the help of his girlfriend from high school, all by themselves, have to slice and dice air sharks and save New York.  One of them ain't gonna make it.  One of them is Black.  Gee, which one would that be?

Directed again by Anthony C. Ferrante, I guess Sharknado has become a real live cultural phenomena, since the word is there will be a third one heading our way in the near future.  Is this a good thing?  Probably not, but it's here, so let's embrace it.

The first Sharknado, at least as much as could be expected, took the occurrence of a Sharknado kind of seriously.  This one, however, looks like it could really care less and just plowed forward, semi-making it up as it went along, while trying to find a way to justify the numerous cameos that are going to show up.  Billy Ray Cyrus once again playing a doctor, VJ Downtown Julie Brown not introducing bad 90's music, legendary rapper Pepa not rapping, Biz Markie also not rapping, Will Wheaton not uttering a single line, but at least genre vixen favorite Tiffany Shepis did get her face ripped off by a shark.  Gotta appreciate that.

But what makes this version better?  Hell I don't know.  It's bigger and dumber and less consequential, as if that's even possible, but it does move faster than the original and has a lot more ridiculousness.  We did think that after Skye gave her life and got Sam Jacksoned in the process while rescuing New York, you would hope someone would've at least tipped a hat to the sister and her selfless sacrifice, but alas it was like she never existed.  That's not cool. 

The movie is called 'Sharknado 2'.  What can be said about it?  It is what it is.
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