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Christopher Armstead

The curtain draws on the movie sexual predator with our man Richard Greico playing the character of photographer J.C. Gale, getting completely down with some naked beauty while choking the shit out of her with a silk scarf. Apparently amidst all of that skin slapping J.C. couldn’t hear the woman say "I can’t breathe, you’re killing my ass" and now J.C has caught a case for wrongful death, which will ultimately get him a harsh slap on the wrist that includes probation and some community service.

Enter into the scene the long legged, fiery haired probation office Beth Spinella (Angie Everhart) who has personally requested to manage J.C.’ s case because it just so happens that this woman he killed was her best friend. Everybody thinks that this is a mighty bad idea, including Beth’s workmate Caroline (Elizabeth Barondes) and her police officer lover Joe (Kevin Fry), but Beth believes she’s knows the mind of the sexual deviant better than anyone, especially considering her father was one, and wants to keep a real close eye on J.C. so that when he slips up she can bust his ass. Then she goes on home and makes passionate simulated love to Joe.

Now when Beth says ‘keep a close eye’ on somebody she really isn’t messing around. At first she started out hard on J.C.’s case, who whispers every word he says as I’m guessing that’s Mr. Greico’s acting interpretation of ‘sexy’, but soon she starts to loosen up a bit eventually traveling to sex clubs with J.C., engaging in hot lesbian style photo shoots with J.C.’s sizzling teenaged assistant Maya (Ray Valenti) and then eventually giving it up completely and engaging in nasty hot fake movie sex with J.C. Admittedly this is not very professional but with probation services like this, I’m tempted to break a law or two.

The real trouble starts when stuff start turning up dead like Beth’s kitty cat. Joe the cop is convinced that J.C. is behind the mayhem, but J.C. swears that he’s being set up

and Beth thinks that another of her client’s, the incredibly hot headed Tyrone (Paul Oliver) is the guilty party because he calls women bitches a lot, tried to rape her earlier in the day – paid to do this deed by an unknown party – and oh yeah, he’s BLACK! The real truth however is much more insidious, shocking, mind blowing and earth shattering than you will ever believe! Well not really.

If one was to ask me if ‘Sexual Predator’ was any good the short and simple answer is no, of course it’s not. A more complex answer however would have to start with ‘what’s your definition of ‘good’’. In terms of things that we normally associate with a good movie such as acting, pacing and scripting among other things, well… ‘Sexual Predator’ does fall short. Considerably. As an actress for instance, let’s just say that star Angie Everhart sure does take great care of her body and has an awesome head of hair. If you happen to be fan of Angie Everhart you’d be a fool not to own this movie as the woman spends a good deal of the movie buck ass naked wrapped in the throes of plenty of simulated sex, and when she’s not nude she’s wearing some of the world’s nicest underwear which really had to set her ‘parole officer’ budget back a couple months. We couldn’t understand a word Richard Greico said throughout most of the movie so we don’t how good or bad his acting was, but he too has a great head of hair. The story as it were lacked originality and the ‘twist’ was lobbed to us like a big ol’ softball so it wasn’t that hard to figure out. For instance when character ‘A’ sneaks into office of character ‘B’ looking for some incriminating evidence, then Character ‘A’ get surprised by someone and proclaims ‘What are you doing here?’ before catching a blade to the throat, We know it can’t be character ‘B’ because it’s B’s office and as such B belongs in said office, so it has to be character ‘C’ since ‘C’ is pretty much the only one left. I’m Columbo like a mofo. Or Monk maybe.

But all that other nonsense aside, the brass tacks of ‘Sexual Predator’ is that it was pretty damn sordid. There’s plenty of nudity, with not only Ms. Everhart giving us an eyeful but also most of the female cast members including a couple of porn stars such as MaKayla who can also be seen in the classic ‘Strictly BuisnASS’, and Tina Tyler who you can catch in the timeless title ‘Ass Angels 2’. There’s plenty of fake sex a healthy amount of violent killings, including a dead cat strung up like it was on a South Korean corner bistro. It is elements like this that a keep a bad movie from being terminally unwatchable.

So yes, ‘Sexual Predator’ does have its shortcomings, but this a movie that never loses sight of what it really is, which is a sleazy ‘Basic Instinct’ style late night Cinemax worthy festival of simulated sex. And this we do appreciate.

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