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Christopher Armstead

For the most part I don’t use profanity in my reviews. Anymore. Basically the use of profanity in unnecessary even though through regular speech I’m a fairly profane person. I mean my mom was quite profane and she had a PhD in English so it wasn’t like she ever ran short on words to use, it’s just that sometimes an expletive is the only thing that will do in a particular situation. I’m afraid I’m going to have lace this review with a little bit of profanity, though the profanity won’t be directed towards this movie ‘Seeing other People’ because this film isn’t so bad where it rates being cussed at, but because I’m going to have to place myself within the situations that this movie is based on, and since I do curse up a storm, I’m afraid it can’t be avoided.

Ed (Jay Mohr) and Alice (Julianne Nicholson) are a happy, if not somewhat stagnant, southern California couple engaged to be married. While at their engagement party at Alice’s sisters home, she is checked out by the hunky waiter and later that night while trying on a dress with her sister Claire (Lauren Graham) in a closet, the two women witness the same waiter get down and nasty for an impromptu session of love with one of the party guests. Well this little tryst, on top of getting Alice all hot and bothered, got her thinking that since she’s on the verge of shutting it down for marriage, she hasn’t been nearly slutty enough in her life. Alice gets the bright idea that she and Ed should start having sex with other people. It won’t be meaningful sex, just empty nasty wasteful sex. Outstanding.

Ed is naturally mortified at the idea but Alice, using powers of persuasion that are obviously not of this planet, convinces Ed that it’s all good and that their love will easily trump nasty empty sex with strangers. I mean if you truly love your woman you’ll let her fuck any goddamn body she wants right? Of course you will. Alice hooks up with the hunky gardener Donald (Matthew Davis) which leads to a lot of nasty empty sex, and Ed who works as a television writer and thus has an endless stream of

of potential fake breasted sex partners, takes advantage the best he can. Things seem to be working out fine for our experimenting couple, but of course since this is a wacky romantic comedy, it’s just a matter of time before resentment, anger, slaptick and witty pratfalls from our many funny side characters start to kick in. Now Ed and Alice must examine there relationship and question the love, but you know, love always has the answer. What the fuck ever.

So as a comedy ‘Seeing other People’ was pretty funny in spots. Jay Mohr is a consistently funny and gifted comedian who headlined a cast chock full of talented funny people such as Josh Charles, Andy Richter and particularly Bryan Cranston, you know, Malcolm’s dad from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, playing Alice’s smarmy British brother-in-law. I suppose ‘Seeing other People’ starts out as a social expose delving into the inner workings of our sexual morays expectations and hang-ups in relation to those expectations. Or perhaps director Wallace Woolarsky, who penned this film along with his wife Maya Forbes, are attacking what society holds up as ‘standard practices’ in male / female relationships. Or maybe Maya pulled this number on Wallace during their courtship and Wallace had to make this movie to prove to himself that he didn’t just fall for the bitch move of the century.

As you can see, my problem with ‘Seeing other People’ is that I simply couldn’t relate to the narrative in this thing. For most movies, you watch then you shut it off and go on about your day. Sometimes though you are forced to think how you would handle a situation. For instance if my fiancée had come to me with the request we, i.e, she, go out fuck other people because ‘she hasn’t had enough experience’. Then I would have replied, after I’ve been convinced that she was serious, "Well bitch, get the fuck out and get to fuckin’, just don’t come back here." Hell, she could have been a prostitute before we met for all I know, but right here and right now that poo is locked down and I got the deed of ownership in my glove compartment. Case closed. You should have thought about that crazy need to ho about before I dropped a couple grand on a reception a hall and the open bar. But that’s just silly old, narrow minded, progressive thought lacking me. So since MY movie would have ended the minute after MY fiancée presented this stupid ass idea. I didn’t buy anything that came after Ed said ‘yeah, I’m down with that’, thus rendering ‘Seeing other People’ useless to me. What can I say?

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