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Christopher Armstead

I understand that, at least as of today May 19, 2008, this is Jud Apatow’s world and that he is simply allowing the majority of us to live in it and for this privilege I am extremely grateful to Mr. Apatow. So it is with some hesitation and a tinge of fear that I come here in front of you today to let you know that in yet another Apatow produced creation that is garnering mad critical praise, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, that I really wasn’t all that crazy about it. Just like I wasn’t all that crazy about ‘Knocked up’, or ‘Superbad’ or ‘Talladega Nights’ though I did like ‘Walk Hard’. It’s not that I disliked any of those movies, I just didn’t seem to like them nearly as much as everyone else did and this is despite my near fanboy praise of ‘The Forty Year-Old Virgin’.

Jason Segal, who also wrote the screenplay for this flick is Peter Bretter, a young musician who handles the score on a CSI type show which stars his current girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristin Bell), that was until today when Sarah met up with her man to inform him that they are kaput, finished, done with, it’s over. Oh, Peter was full monty stark naked when she broke up with him. If the next time I see Jason Segal’s dick is never, that will be too soon. Brutally blindsided by this occurrence, and against the advice of his step brother Brian (Bill Hader), Peter tries to wash away his pain in a series of meaningless sex acts, which I’m thinking would work for just about anybody 99% of the time, but damn if Peter isn’t in that 1 percentile, and spends his post coital experiences in senseless tears.

Thinking he needs to get away, Peter plans a trip to Hawaii to a resort that he remembers Sarah mentioning to him. Though his step brother suggest perhaps he should choose another destination, off Peter goes anyways only to run into his ex-girl with her new man in British rock star Aldous Snow, played to damn near brilliant comedic perfection by Russell Brand. Alas this discovery just casts poor Peter into

more crying fits but at least he has Rachel (Mila Kunis), the pretty and outgoing receptionist at the hotel to help ease his pain a little bit. Also on hand to help Peter, who has become sort of a pet to the staff at this particular resort, is an odd assorted array of hospitality employees including, naturally, Paul Rudd as an aging surfing instructor. It’s no secret that I think Rudd is one of the funniest people on the planet and apparently so to does Judd Apatow since I think Rudd is in every single film that the mans name is attached to, which has to totally rock for Paul Rudd. Since this film is a romantic comedy at its heart, it’s time for some romance and comedy as the relationship between Peter and Rachel begins to grow while the one between Sarah and Aldous falls on hard times, both giving the pair time to reflect back on what they had together and what they were missing together, perhaps giving them the opportunity to get back together? Or will Peter stick with the love he’s found over the period of four days with Rachel? Stay tuned.

I’ll tell you one thing you gotta love about these movies, or I least I love, is how normal looking dudes, and in some cases dudes who are slightly below normal looking score with like the planets hottest women. No disrespect to my main man Jason Segal who could very be a stone cold fox to the ladies out there as far as I know, but he looks like an average dude to my untrained eye, and for him to score with Veronica Mars and that honey from ‘The 70’s Show’ in the same reel is almost Billy Bob-esque in its magnitude of awesomeness. The thing is ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ just wasn’t all that funny to me. Sure there were scenes that made laugh here and there, but I was kind of led to believe that this movie was side splittingly ‘Blazing Saddles’ funny and it really wasn’t. It seemed far more effective as a relationship movie than a outright comedy because I liked the way that the character of Peter would force Sarah to be straight with him and for that matter this film also took the time to make the caricatures that usually litter films like these real life characters which was greatly appreciated.

Again, I really enjoyed the comedic tone that Russell Brand set for the character of Aldous Snow and just the mere sight of the man had me laughing, and Paul Rudd is truly the master of the glorified cameo. The rest of the cast including star Jason Segal, who provided this films only nude scenes, were exemplary. I hope this nude man thing is an anomaly and not trend, though it’s probably way past the time for males to be exploited in films like women have been for all these many years, I was just hoping that I would be dead when this would finally come to pass.

‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is a decent film to be certain, it’s just that I’m not feeling the greatness of it all. I’ve seen reviews calling this film the best comedy of all time, which it could be since it’s all subjective but personally I found it to be a cute and fairly amusing. Hopefully this won’t upset Mr. Apatow, and if it does I’m more than willing to change my opinion because this really isn’t worth dying over.

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