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Rob Vinson

Ray is a story about the life and struggles of Ray Charles Robinson, the famous musical genius who worked his way through the music industry while overcoming the handicap of blindness and dealing with the demons of his past. People of my generation who did not grow up listening to the music of Ray Charles may be, as I was, unaware of the historical events surrounding his life and, before this movie, saw him as a gray haired man with a wonderfully unique voice rocking from side to side with a huge cheesy grin on his face and nothing more. This movie truly added soul and depth to that shallow image. I really love this movie from top to bottom. The movie is driven by great music, Jamie Fox’s performance was worthy of his Oscar Award, the editing of the film was on the mark, and the story as a whole introduced Ray Charles to America as being much more than a musical genius. If you love great stories, wonderful music, and can appreciate, arguably the single best acting performance done by an African American male, you will love this movie. It is a must watch film. (no offense Terrence Howard –Hustle and Flow- or Samuel L. Jackson – Pulp Fiction- Jackie Brown-) Both were Great African American male Performances as well.

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