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Christopher Armstead

So how did I stumble across this movie ‘Private Moments’? It’s curious that you should ask. Recently I saw two movies, the first being ‘Natasha’ which served as my introduction to the works of Indian born director Jag Mundhra, which while fairly trashy was no less gloriously entertaining, at least to me. The second film was the summarily awful ‘The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. As bad as this movie may have been it did serve as my introduction to the long, lean, lovely and physically blessed British actress / model Judith Shekoni. It just so happens that a little research revealed the Ms. Shekoni was previously in this Jag Mundhra movie ‘Private Moments’. Now I could tell you that this movie interested me because it presented an opportunity to visualize the repressed sexuality of British society and the results of what conceivably could occur when this sexuality is confronted, and the external effects of this confrontation on the surrounding society. Or I could tell you that I got this movie because I was thinking there was a good chance I could see Judith Shekoni nekkid. Hello Netflix!

Things aren’t so great for Serena (Shekoni) right now as the twenty something is all alone, her life is in a rut, and the little late night radio show she hosts is about to go the way of Muzak due to its terrible ratings, unless she can think of an idea to save the show. Also there’s a man on the metro she sees each day who has her fancy but she just can’t get up the courage to speak to him. Tragic. But today is her birthday and her best buds have all gathered at the apartment of her friend Saira (Aruna Shields) for a little wine, some sexy pajamas and the always welcome game of Truth or Dare.

A simple movie gets even simpler as the women spin the bottle and begin to tell in exquisite detail the strangest place they’ve had ‘a shag’. The ‘Truth’ begins with Grace (Catalina Guirado), the long lean red head who starts things off by detailing her tryst in a phone booth with an obscene phone caller. Our hot as hell Mediterranean hostess

follows that up with a description of her sexual adventure on a scaffold over looking London with some construction random worker, which is followed by the self-admittedly trampy blonde Marie (Nastaja Vermeer) who informs the crew of her lesbian party on top of a double decker bus whilst being photographed by a red wig wearing Luke Goss. Alas poor Serena isn’t ‘all that adventurous’ in that category which leads to her getting a dare, a bit of a makeover and eventually some ‘Risky Business’ style bumping and grinding on what I’m thinking is a still populated metro train. That had to have been a helluva show. Amazing what a little make up, a little cleavage and spot of sex in public can do for a girl as all will be right in the world as the beautiful Serena finds all of her previous problems magically solved. All by having sex on a moving train. Outstanding.

So I think the initial question would be is this movie ‘Private Moments’ any good? I think the answer to that is probably no, but I’m not completely sure… I mean there’s no real plot in the movie unless trying to get a tall, dark skinned, ridiculously beautiful woman with a perfect set of breast laid counts as a ‘plot’. That’s like throwing a rock in the ocean and betting someone that it’s going to get wet. Mr. Mundhra doesn’t give a hell of a lot of structure to the narrative as it was basically four distinct stories linked by the most threadbare of devices, and the performance of our four main actresses weren’t bad at all though they themselves would probably admit that they were probably chosen for these roles more for their considerable physical appeal than for their abilities as thespians.

No, all things considered ‘Private Moments’ isn’t a ‘good’ movie but one thing is for certain, Jag Mundhra sure knows how to keep you watching. It goes beyond salacious sex because quite honestly the nudity and sex was quite tame in this flick with most of the nudity being of a ‘peek-a-boo’ nature. A boobie pops out here a boobie pops out there… with our actresses spending far more time in their expensive sexy underwear than actually being naked. Plus the movie is funny. I don’t know if it was supposed to be funny but I spent most of the my time watching this movie laughing because it was so silly and the situations that our heroines found themselves were so ridiculously over the top.

So I don’t what to tell you about ‘Private Moments’ really. It’s not as amusing as ‘Natasha’ turned out to be, probably because ‘Natasha’ did have a structured narrative to drive its peek-a-boo sessions but then this isn’t without entertainment value either. There are probably other movies to watch if you want to see naked women, but to see a few wayward boobs and a ton of humor, be it intentional or unintended, ‘Private Moments’ is pretty damn okay… and Jag Mundhra is still my personal hero.

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