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Christopher Armstead
'Pegasus vs. Chimera' was the second part of a SyFy Original double feature following the putrid but funny 'Aladdin and the Death Lamp'.  Now we had to think about this for a minute, which is a minute longer than we wanted to think about it, but we have come to the conclusion that 'Pegasus vs. Chimera' isn't quite as putrid as that 'Aladdin' movie, but also isn't near as funny.  This makes it a push as far as entertainment value is concerned.
One day, way back in mythical times, little Belleros and his old man were out hunting giant CGI lizard.  I gotta say that lizard didn't look
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Othos, however, is the impatient type and even though it looks like to us he has everything under control in this sparse land her rules over, he wants everybody whose hiding out in this sparse land to die much quicker so he has Actae summon The Chimera!  A mythical beast of hell that looks nothing like it's described in ancient mythology, but we will take what we can get.  Fortunately for the good guys, Philony's mom Queen Caria (Mimi Kuzyk) is BFF's with the Sorceress Mayda (Rae Dawn Chong), who has The Pegasus on speed dial and the winged horse descends from the stars to help the cause.  Without its wings.  I'm guessing it was a little cheaper to just use a real, albeit marginally trained horse as opposed to a CGI horse which was flashed to on the rare wide shots when we saw Pegasus actually flying.  What would've been cool if they had stapled a pair of fake wings on that nag.  Now that would've been funny.

Anyway, stuff happens, the Chimera is straight murdering folks, the Pegasus isn't doing much of anything to stop this except getting itself caught, and worse still if anything happens to the Pegasus, the world as we know it will come to end.  The Pegasus is kind of worthless.  Unless it's stomping on you in a mindless rage which is something any old horse could do.

True enough, director John Bradshaw's 'Pegasus vs. Chimera' is fairly awful, this we can't argue, but it does have some quality actors gamely giving it all they had in this generally awful movie.  Sebastian Roche probably isn't one of these actors acting gamely because my man really didn't look like he enjoyed wearing that toga or wildly waving his sword at the air at monsters that weren't there, even though I know he was told that a vicious monster would be subbed in eventually… which sometimes didn't happen… and I could tell he didn't enjoy fake flying through the air on a horse that wasn't really there either, and to be completely honest I can see where he might've thought the whole exercise of this movie too terribly silly to pretend to care, but he was getting paid a couple hundred bucks to do this movie so maybe a little more effort was forthcoming.  But his fellow actors did seem to be giving it all they had.

Nanzeen Contractor, tiny and cute, made for a solid warrior princess and she didn't seem to mind fake flying on that non-existent horse, Mimi Kuzyk has been in some awesome shows over the years, this not being one of them, but she too treated this disposable role with some respect.  The best work was probably done by Carlo Rota, and while he might look more like a guy who works behind the counter at a New York Deli as opposed to a medieval king, his scenery chewing was the highlight of the show.

But alas if one is making a swashbuckling medieval film with mythical beasts… and the swashbuckling is beyond lame and the mythical beasts look like ass… then our swashbuckling mythical beast film is probably gonna struggle a bit.  But does having swashbucklers who don't know how to fake swashbuckle and crap mythical monsters make 'Pegasus vs. Chimera' a bad movie?  Yeah it kinda does.  We need to be sold that this stuff is actually happening to get the full effect, and considering our actors took this thing so deadly serious and considering this movie was completely devoid of any humor to deflect the swashbuckling and CGI shortcomings, we were stuck focusing on these shortcomings.  Nobody wants that.

But we do have a high tolerance for this nonsense and 'Pegasus vs. Chimera' didn't come close to breaking that tolerance.  We do like to end these things on a positive note, if at all possible.
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all that tasty so I don't know why they're hunting it, but there it is.  The problem is that super evil General Actae (James Kidnie) on order from the super evil King Orthos, doesn't like people hunting lizard on his land but Belleros dad claims the land belongs to the people!  What follows could be arguably the lamest sword fight I've seen since my sons second grade school play presentation of 'Cyrano', but now Belleros old man is lying dead on the land of the people, with young Belleros running away like a sissy.
Years pass… a lot of years apparently because the last time we saw Belleros he was like twelve and now Belleros (Sebastian Roche) looks like he's in his early fifties, though Actae and Orthos (Carlo Rota) looks the same.  It's evil magic is what that is.  Orthos has been using this evil magic to take over all the lands of this joint, wherever the heck this place is, including the lands of the good King Dorian, murdering him right in front of his toasty daughter Princess Philony (Nanzeen Contractor).  Philony swears revenge, revenge for which she will need weapons and it just so happens that Belleros is a blacksmith specializing in weapon making and he also hates the king so an alliance of rebellion is formed.
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