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Christopher Armstead
I get it, I really do.  The 'Paranormal Activity' series of movies are dirt cheap to make and they make money hand over fist.  These could very well be the most profitable movies ever.  If this movie 'Paranormal Activity 4' makes half as much money as its predecessors, thus theoretically making it a commercial failure, in reality it's still a commercial success.  I get it, this is the United States of America and it's a free economy and the goal is to make money.  That being said, this was awful and I wish it would end.  My wish will not be granted anytime soon, but fortunately for me I'm used to disappointment so the pain of 'Paranormal Activity 4' was easier for me to deal with.

Last time we saw the bodacious Aunt Katie (Katie Featherstone) was at the end of the second movie where she displayed her super powers, eviscerated her sister and stole her sister's baby.  What's Katie been up to in the time between then and when the last movie went back to the 80's?  I don't really know but baby Hunter is now six year old Wyatt (Aiden Lovekamp) and Wyatt is now the adopted child of the Smith's, and in particular he is now the younger brother of the Smith's fifteen year old daughter Alex (Kathryn Newton).  Katie lives across the street from these people and while she's not in possession of little Wyatt anymore, for reasons that will never be explained, she is still in possession of another little weird boy in Robbie (Brady Allen), which will also not be explained, a little boy who through circumstance will be leaving Katie's house and staying with The Smith's.

Today's devices for obnoxiously taping everything will be the handheld camera that Alex likes to drag around, the handheld camera that Alex's paramour Ben (Matt
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Shively) likes to drag around and lots of webcams that are constantly running on PC's.  We also have the added bonus of the Microsoft Kinect apparatus which looks really cool when the lights are off as shines its little lights all over the place and catches all movements.  Even movement's from beings… THAT AREN'T THERE!

So little Robbie is weird, he talks to the mysterious Toby who nobody can see except he and Wyatt, he walks around the house at night, and he likes to climb in bed and snuggle up next to Alex who can obviously sleep through anything.  Other weird things are happening while Robbie is at the crib like chandeliers falling from the ceiling and the usual unexplainable noises and bumps and moving objects, and Alex knows something is wrong but her folks ask her to shut the hell up and stop tripping.

Guess her what?  Alex's folks should've listened to her because there is some paranormal activity going on in this house and it's not good paranormal activity either.  Katie and her superpowers want Wyatt back, the hidden monster wants Wyatt back and they also want the virginal Alex.  When they aren't trying to kill her.  Make up your mind paranormal monster. 

You know what I really want out of a Paranormal Activity movie?  I want to be in one of those test audiences they show using night vision on the TV commercials.  You know those audiences, right?  The ones that are going apeshit over every single bump and sound and low rent special effect?  I want to be in the middle of that so that hopefully some of that frantic fear could rub off on me, because you would've thought the audience at the movie I was at when I saw 'Paranormal Activity 4' was watching one of the lighter episodes of 'The Golden Girls'. 

I actually enjoyed 'Paranormal Activity 3', or at least as much as these found footage movies can be enjoyed, and that movie seemed to be the logical conclusion of the series.  I know that Aunt Katie was still floating around out there, but once we found her what more could we really do with her that they hadn't done before?  And if anybody shouldn't want to be on videotape, it should be the murderous, kidnapping Aunt Katie.  As it turns out, the only thing more we could really do would be the bright lights from the Kinect controller, and that would just about end the innovation portion of this particular 'Paranormal Activity' movie.

What's really missing from this particular episode is any real tension or fear or shock value.  At this point in the game we've seen it all already.  We know the kid sees somebody that's not there, we're used to things moving on their own power, we used to non-believing adults, so the jolts that might've been effective in movies one through three just aren't nearly as effective anymore.  Something else needed to happen to get the blood pumping and it didn't happen here. 

The movie did play the 'virgin card', meaning that our ghost had some kind of nefarious plans for Alex, when it wasn't trying to murder her, thus making our paranormal monster a little on the inconsistent side, and while getting to the end was chore we knew once we got there something worthwhile and exciting had to happen.  'Paranormal Activity 2' was about as dull as this one, maybe even duller, but it did have an ending which didn't save the movie, but at least left you with a semi-satisfied feeling.  This one tried to pick it up at the end, but to what end?  Since very little was paved by way of exposition, outside the little virgin squib, hell if I know what that nonsense at the end was suppose to have resulted in.  And where are the investigating cops while folks are getting their necks snapped, slammed against ceilings, not to mention the missing children and virgins?  What's up cops?

I wish it would end, but it's not.  And since I'm one of the offending parties going to see this, I can only blame myself. 
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