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Christopher Armstead
When a film opens with Roger Corman's name above the title, such as does with this one, 'Roger Corman's Operation Rogue', one already gets a few perceived notions in one's head.  We imagine it will be cheap, it will be cheesy, the starpower will be relatively low and inexpensive, and odds are the movie just won't be any good.  Well here we are with 'Operation Rogue', and I'm sure it's cheap, it might be cheesy but I didn't see much of that, we love us some Mark Dacoscos and Treat Williams here at the FCU but I'm sure having them in this film wasn't exactly breaking the bank, but as to the movie not being any good?  Well… bear with us we while we work that out.

You see, 'Operation Rogue' is an action movie.  You're like 'so, I've seen action movies before'.  Well, I don't know if you've see one quite like this.  'Operation Rogue' is an action movie the way that a porn movie is a porn movie.  I'm talking modern porn, not that story laden stuff that they used to have back in the 70's and 80's.  This movie right here, is truly, like no other action movie I've ever seen.  Is this a good thing?  Kind of, yes it is.

For instance, the movie begins as a small convoy is delivering something or another, it is then accosted by another convoy, an elongated shootout occurs where we meet one of villains, some guy whose name I can't remember, but is it really important I remember his name?  I don't think so, but just know he's an evil terrorist and the action has only begun.

Next we meet our star, Marine Captain Max Randall (Dacascos).  Are we casually introduced to Capt. Randall?  Nope, he is in a kickboxing ring training his lieutenant on the fine art of kicking ass, is how we are introduced to him.  Now comes the time for this movies exposition.  All three minutes of it.  The captain advises his marines of the mission, to bring in the terrorist dude, alive is possible.  He has some words with the general (Treat Williams), they talk some tactical tough guy talk, and our three minute setup is now officially over.
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Now we are off to the mission.  A glorious, over the top shoot out if ever there was one. Glorious shoot out no. 2. And we are only ten minutes into this thing.  Now there are some really stupid things that happen during this mission, say like one terrorist dude just jumping in a van and driving away when the shooting starts.  You would think, while setting up the raid, our soldiers would've had that route blocked and stuff, but no.  Or when our heroes snuck up on these terrorist all stealth like, then just started machine gunning them to death.  Maybe a sniper on board would've helped a little, kept the enemy in the dark about what was going down until absolutely necessary, but hey… it's not that this is a real tactical type Marine Assault Film, now is it?

Anyway, our heroes fail to take one of the required terrorist alive, which makes a third terrorist of note super angry and marks Capt. Randall for death.  Now the general has to take him off the mission.  And here we meet the general's daughter, and head of security for the current G20 or whatever, and former badass marine, Jenna (Sofia Pernas).  We meet Jenna while she's capping rounds from her AK, taking target practice.  Jenna and Max are secretly dating, leading to two minutes of melodrama.  And fifteen minutes into this movie, any worthwhile dialog is now officially over. 

So what are we left to do with the rest of the 65 minutes left in this movie?  Shoot at stuff, blow up stuff, kill stuff, napalm stuff, and round house kick stuff.  Then do it all again.  That's pretty much it.  Jenna, not surprisingly, gets herself taken hostage.  Max, not surprisingly, gets his team together to set her free.  Max in the process, surprisingly, gets himself captured.  Jenna, surprisingly, gets a team together to set him free, and disable the dirty bomb triggers.  Stuff will blow up some more and then the credits will roll. 

So is director Brian Clyde's 'Operation Rogue' a good movie?  Probably not.  Maybe.  I don't know.  Why the heck are you asking me?  We can tell you that this is a movie that isn't concerned about crazy stuff such as character development.  All I know about most of the characters in this movie is their gender, and in some cases, their names.  That's it.  There is a narrative in this movie, but it mainly consists of terrorists who want to blow stuff up and cut off people's heads, and our heroes need to stop that from happening.  Can't get too much more basic than this.  And as we mentioned before, dialog was kept at a bare minimum.  Max and Jenna have a brief conversation in bed about their relationship, but other than that, if a conversation wasn't directly related to killing something, blowing up something, rescuing something, or disabling something, then I didn't hear it.

Since this movie is missing all of this other stuff, the action had best be good and the action in 'Operation Rogue' was very good.  I mean it was complete videogame type action, and it might've gotten a little repetitive after a while, but this is a movie that was beholden to one thing and one thing only, that being in service to action.  Sure, if I have a button to press to blow some bombs against the imperial west, I should probably just press the darn button as opposed to having some kind of elaborate countdown to triple zero that somebody can… and will… stop, but where's the fun in that?

Action Movie… thy name is 'Operation Rogue'.  A movie that stays true to what it is almost more than any movie I have ever seen.  That's not porn.  Of which I have never seen.  Honest.
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