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"Hold on… Let's think about this for minute…"  Words uttered on many an occasion in a horror movie featuring young stupid adults who have just killed somebody on accident.  They'll bury the body or flee the scene or setup a retard to take the fall or try to fix the scene… and it's always a mistake because now the monster, the mom, the bum that's now a spectre is going to kill them all, just as they deserve.  Today's dumb young adults are from the SyFy original 'Mothman' and their cover-up plan was particularly stupid.

Kate (Jewel Staite), Derek (Connor Fox), Mindy (Susie Abromeit), Casey (Michael Ferrero) Sally (Jessica Erin Sylvia), Jared (Michael Aills) and Jared's little bro Jamie (Alex Hardee) are funning it up at the lake one evening but little Jamie is being kind of obnoxious.  We figured he was gonna die in some way, and we were secretly hoping it would come sooner than later.  Our young adults decide to play a trick on Jamie who drowns in the process and Kate is ready to report this to the West Virginia authorities… but let's think about this for a minute.  They have had a couple of beers and obnoxious kids accidentally drowning is clearly a capital crime in West Virginia so let's say he bumped his head and drowned on accident.  Then let's have every one of our young adults bash Jamie in the head with a rock, including his loving brother, which will apparently simulate the occurrence of a kid diving in shallow water and bumping his head.  I'm thinking where we didn't have a crime scene before, we most definitely have one now, but apparently the WVA investigators are kind of dumb.

Ten years pass, Kate has moved on and is a reporter in D.C. and has no intention to ever go back to Pleasant Point WVA until her boss forces her back home to cover the Mothman festival.  A festival dedicated to a vengeful monster who feeds on blood and
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murders people.  That is outstanding.  Anyway, the band is back together but nobody is really happy to see Kate, except for Derek who is still digging on her, because they feel she abandoned them.  They did bash in the head of a dead kid with a rock, but they don't seem to have too much of a problem with that.  That nonsense aside the Mothman festival starts, which is great for this movie because it introduces us to one the more amazing characters in low budget cinematic history, that being Frank the nutbag (Jerry Leggio).  Frank is that guy who has all kinds of evil monster knowledge, sounds like a loon, and has probably survived an attack or two.  Frank is also blind, probably by his own doing which makes his crazy that more appealing.  Frank informs Kate and Derek that the Mothman exacts revenge on those who weren't punished for doing wrong, and that would them and their friends.

Now it's dying time as The Mothman, only able to use reflective surfaces to enter our world, gets down to the business of killing young adults.  It's brutal, it's ugly, and it looks like its curtains for all of them, unless Frank the whackjob has a solution to save the few that are left.  I was actually pulling for the Mothaman on this one, at least until the Mothman turned into kind of an asshole.

This movie was actually kind of educational.  Before seeing this I had thought that the Mothman was something that Sci-Fi had made up, but no… the Mothman is real.  Or at least as real as any mythical monster that scares children like The Boogeyman or Dick Cheney and to be honest I didn't find director Sheldon Wilson's monster movie all that bad, or at least I found it significantly better than the other Sci-Fi monster I saw from the director in 'Carny'.  True enough our young cast of attractive young adults did tend to overact at times and the Mothman himself was kind crappy looking in full body shots, though it looked fairly ominous in close ups and in smaller shots when it was crawling out of televisions, broken mirrors or silver mobile homes.  But considering the standard setup and the standard execution of everything, I still found the movie kind of enjoyable.  Fun even.  Part of this was because of the overt stupidity of bashing a dead kid in the head with a rock which immediately removed any sympathy we might've had for these loons, but the majority of it was Jerry Leggio and his tour de force as Frank the old psycho.  If scenery were Skoal, then Jerry Leggio had this movie between his cheek and gum.

We even enjoyed the mythological setup for the Mothman, based on the tried and true premise of evil whitemen and Native American burial grounds which gives the Mothman a legitimate reason to slaughter stupid young adults.  Until they ruined it all.  I mean I know there's a fun event going on that has Ferris wheels and stuff, and for some reason all movie monsters simply hate fun events and Ferris wheels, but when the Mothman started wrecking the festival we were wondering why he was slaughtering folks who didn't do anything to anybody which messed up the mythology the writers took the time to setup.  Then there was the way the Mothman was eventually dispatched.  Shooting at the Mothman didn't work, even though that didn't stop anybody with a gun in the movie from mindlessly shooting at the monster over and over again, but our heroine was given a lethal Mothman dispatching weapon by someone who wanted the Mothman to win.  That's a little dumb.

'Mothman' did lose its way the longer it went on but it least it wasn't a total loss.
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