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Christopher Armstead

All Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) ever wanted to do was produce The Today Show. A girl has to dream, you know? But sadly after Becky becomes a cutback casualty at her longtime gig as producer of her local morning show, this dream couldn’t be farther away. Plus her mother (Patti D’Arbanville) thinks she should stop her insipid dreaming and just get a regular gig. Odd, I kind of thought producing a television show was a regular job, but then I’m not Becky’s hateful mother. What Becky needs in this tough economy is a break and if she didn’t get this break then we would have absolutely nothing to talk about because this movie ‘Morning Glory’ would not exist, now would it?

‘Daybreak’, which I guess would be the equivalent of the CBS broadcast ‘The Morning Show’, sucks ass. They are fourth in the ratings, which I believe is made all the more astounding since there are only three morning shows, and they can’t keep a producer. Studio head Jerry Barnes (Jeff Goldblum) with nowhere else to turn decides to take a chance on the young Becky since there is no way she can make the show worse, plus she costs next to nothing.

Becky’s first order of business: Fire the current male morning anchor with the foot fetish (Ty Burrell). Secondly, make nice with the long time female anchor Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). That doesn’t go to well either. Third, find somebody to replace the foot fetish guy. I hate to get sidetracked here but should caring for the small, well crafted, well manicured foot of a woman really be classified as a ‘fetish’? Seriously? Come on!

Becky has also made the acquaintance of the studly producer upstairs Adam Bennett (Patrick Wilson) but the hyper hard working Becky doesn’t do relationships all that well, unless the man’s last name is Blackberry. Then Becky gets a brainstorm. Why not coerce hardcore news reporter Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to take over her

vacant morning spot. Sure, he’d never do it considering how bitter and mean he is and yes, Adam has classified Pomeroy as the third worst person on the planet earth somewhere behind, I guess, Hitler and Dick Chaney, but he is under contract and he does like his little six million dollar a year paycheck so he has no choice but to bend to Becky’s polite request.

And it’s a disaster. In fact it goes so badly that Becky has managed to make the show worse than it was before she got there, and it’s looking like this show will not go on. Unless… unless Becky can turn the shows ratings around in the next six weeks by pulling out all of the stops. Mike is still bitter and Colleen is still a shrew but sometimes genuine hatred can make for inspired drama, especially when it’s played out on live television, and Becky just might have a chance. And if she makes this work then The Today Show cannot be far behind. Not that she’d take that job if it were offered because this is a movie and people in movie-land don’t leave their friends behind for more money and prestige.

‘Morning Glory’ is an odd little movie in the sense that I’m not completely sure what kind of movie it is. It’s an enjoyable one for sure, but it’s a mix of genres. Considering this was one of the wife’s picks, I was thinking, as that pain was rising in my chest, that I was going to be stuck with a Romantic Comedy, but the romance between Becky and Adam is secondary in this movie. Maybe even tertiary. In fact Patrick Wilson in this movie is the male equivalent of that hot chick they stick in movies just to have a hot chick in a movie. So ‘Morning Glory’ is a comedy. But rarely is it ‘laugh out loud’ funny, though it is consistently amusing. I imagine if anything ‘Morning Glory’ is a relationship drama, with a little comedy thrown in, between super sweet and bouncy Becky and Mr. Mean Mike. I’ll have you know that Harrison Ford has transitioned quite nicely from heroic leading man to supporting crusty bitter curmudgeon. Mr. Ford’s curmedgeoness works in this movie. Pretty much everything works in director Roger Mitchell’s movie with possibly the main criticism that can be leveled on this film is that it does seem to lack a centrally focused theme.

It doesn’t lack a centrally focused character though as Rachel McAdams has absolutely no problems carrying the entirety of this entertaining film on her absolutely adorable shoulders. She could probably still get away with playing high school chicks, despite the fact she’s in her mid thirties. With Becky, McAdams has created a character that is aggressive but shy, forceful but sweet, has infinite energy even though she has all kinds of trouble opening the heavy double doors that seem to populate this movie, and you will constantly root for her to succeed. Unless you are a mean person.

‘Morning Glory’ is a very entertaining movie that’s not afraid to be what it is. Whatever that may be, because I don’t know.

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