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Christopher Armstead
Some spoilerage will be the order of the day as we discuss this odd thriller 'Meeting Evil' with you because there are those who have seen this movie and have some questions about what was going on.  No, I don't have any definitive answers to those questions but as an old football coach used to tell me, opinions are like assholes and everybody has one… so I have one too.

John, (Luke Wilson) is having a very bad day by almost anybody's definition of a bad day.  He's been fired from his job, he's learned his house is in foreclosure, and that shirtless guy working on the pool in his back yard is leaving John's house looking way too happy.  John didn't pay him for service provided last month, but this guy says 'they're square'.  What in the world could substitute for money?

But that's neither here nor there at the moment because after a botched surprise party that John's wife Joanie (Leslie Bibb) tried to throw her husband, with the help of their two well fed children, John gets a surprise visitor.  Richie (Samuel L. Jackson) knocks on John's door looking for help as his muscle car won't start.  John agrees to give him a push, hurts his leg in the process and to make things up to him Richie offers John a ride to the hospital.

John doesn't make it to the hospital and it's not long before John realizes that Richie's elevator doesn't rise all the way to the top.  He's a couple eggs short of a dozen.  His house is occupied but there's nobody home.  He's psycho is what we're saying.  What tipped us off?  It could be the unfortunate event at the gas station when that
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attendant made the mistake of asking Richie for some I.D. when he was paying for his gas, or maybe the ultra rude cell phone store clerk who wouldn't let John use the phone that met an unfortunate end.  'Richie' and 'Unfortunate Ends' are two things that go together like peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in this movie. 

So Richie is psycho and he's killed a bunch of people but he hasn't killed John.  In fact he seems to want to help John for whatever reason.  He sure does know an awful lot about John, like info on his family, his kid's names, the fact that he lost his job or the affair he was having with the pretty girl at the office (Peyton List)… Richie knows it all.  He even knows a few secrets his wife is hiding from John.

The immediate problem for John at the moment is that while Richie is psychologically torturing him, the police think that John is the guy committing these murders.  These cops are really dumb.  John tries to try to tell these dumb cops that he's innocent and that there's a crazy Black guy doing all this murdering… something I'm pretty sure a real life cop would believe right away… and that his family is in grave danger.  Or maybe they're not in grave danger.  I mean Richie is there at the house, he has a gun, he could kill everybody, but that Richie… who knows.

Before we get down to dissecting director Chris Fisher's 'Meeting Evil', let's just say outright it's a mess of movie.  It's a genre defying mishmash of stuff, which can be a great thing if the film we are watching is coherent and concise, none of which applies to this movie.  That being said we still have the trump card of Luke Wilson playing a put upon everyman and Samuel L. Jackson playing a hair trigger psycho, parts which both men can play in their sleep, which at least makes 'Meeting Evil' watchable. 

But what exactly are we watching, I guess is the question that we can't completely answer.  It looks like Richie's a hitman hired by John's wife to take him out.  Maybe.  But why not… I mean John is unfaithful, broke, and appears to be a lousy husband and father.  But the way the movie plays out it's looking like Richie may have some kind of superpowers, like he's a demon from another dimension since he's all-knowing, omnipresent, and seems to have time/space spatial displacement abilities since he can appear just about anywhere at virtually any time.  There's also this little girl floating around the movie kind of tormenting Richie, and I'm sure she represents something or another but hell if I know what that is.  No opinion on that one. 

Ultimately it appears to us that Richie isn't a demon, has no superpowers, and is just a psycho who lives in a reality where psychos have time / space powers, the cops are super lousy, people are super stupid, and where a hitman can kill everybody except the one guy he was paid to kill which makes him terrible at his job.  Why didn't Richie kill John?  He felt sorry for him?  He reminded Riche of himself in a previous life?  John is dead already on the inside?  Just about anything in this one is open for discussion but ultimately we'll stick with Richie being just some whackjob in a wacky alternate earth filled with stupid people all trapped in a movie that had mad potential, but ultimately was not very good.  This doesn't mean that 'Meeting Evil' didn't have some entertainment value, because it did have a little of that, but 'entertaining' and 'good' aren't mutually exclusive terms in our alternate reality. 
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