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Christopher Armstead

O…. kay…., um…, gee. Damn… this was…whoa. A little personal history first. I remember being just a young lad and watching TV on a Sunday night with me mum and Siskel and Ebert were on. I believe they were still on PBS at this time and the show was called Sneak Peaks or Sneak Previews back then, and they were reviewing this film, ‘I Spit on Your Grave’. I don’t remember hardly any of the movies those cats reviewed back then, but I’ll always remember that one because of the pure vile contempt that both the late Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert held for that movie. I was only nine or ten years old and figured if those dudes hated that movie that much, then that’s a movie I have to see. Old school parents may have been bit more lenient with what they let their kids watch back in the day, but moms wasn’t accompanying me to no rape / revenge exploitation movie, so I asked my brother who was usually good about getting us into R-rated movies. Problem is he had already seen it and had informed that there’s now way in HELL that he’s going to allow me to see it, much less himself having to sit through it again. I was crushed but being nine years old I found something else to beg for the next day and never gave ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ a second thought. So I stumble upon this thing on Netflix some thirty years later and stick it in my cue… what the hell. I mean its thirty years old so surely whatever that was so damn shocking in 1980 or whenever that movie was released will fell like ‘Finding Nemo’ today, won’t it? Oh My God. I’ve seen some f**ked up movies before, but I doubt there are few American made movies more f**ked up than ‘I Spit on Your Grave’.

As the story goes Jennifer (Camille Keaton) heads off into what I’m guessing is up-state New York where she has rented a cabin for the summer to write her first novel. So taken with the place as she drives up she immediately gets naked and goes for a swim. WHORE! Later that day the mentally challenged Matthew (Richard Pace) drops off her groceries and asks if he can be Jennifer’s friend, which Jennifer agrees to,

and this makes him happy. So Matthew goes back to tell his future sodomizing buddies, which include Johnny the grease monkey (Eron Tabor) and complete losers Stanley (Anthony Nichols) and Andy (Gunter Kleeman) that he’s made a new friend. Meanwhile, Jennifer works on the book, lounges in the sun and wonders why there is gun in one of the dresser drawers of her cabin.

Now I don’t know how our sodomizers got to this point but somewhere off camera they decide to snatch Jennifer from her little rowboat, drag her out to the woods where Johnny rapes her while the other three hold her down. That totally sucks for Jennifer. Now all raped out, Jennifer drags her ass back towards her boat only to get grabbed, slammed against a rock and sodomized more brutally by Andy, complete with blood running down the crack of her ass. Nice. Who was the crew member who served as ass crack blood applicator? Regardless, that sucked even worse for Jennifer. So our sodomizers leave Jennifer without her boat or clothes but being the tough trooper Jennifer manages to drag her ass some hours later back to her house only to get raped yet again by a retarded dude and a wine bottle. Fantastic. Jennifer has just experienced what would qualify by any measure as a bad day. The day ain’t quite over as our sodomizers sends the retarded dude in to kill Jennifer since gang rape is against the law and all. He can’t do it, though he tells them he did and now it’s time for Jennifer to clean up and get some revenge.

When it comes to Jennifer getting her revenge director Meir Zachi put way more effort in the rape than the revenge. Though you have to admire Jennifer for the letting the retarding get some sex before killing him and giving Johnny a handjob and a nice bath before letting him bleed to death by sudden dick excision. I don’t know much, but you would think that after brutally gang raping and attempting to murder somebody, you would be a little more wary of that person when she drove around and opt not to get into a car with her after she gives you the googly eye. Perhaps the fact that she just put a gun to your dome a few minutes later would be all the more reason to flee, but no, my man Johnny I guess figures that’s just foreplay as his mad mack game is so strong it trumps triple gang sodomy and attempted murder.

There’s not a lot of dialog in this movie, the rape scenes last freaking forever, and there’s no artistry behind this garbage as Zachi’s directing style consists of pressing the red button the camera and saying action. By the way, I don’t know whose ass that is on the box cover because it sure ain’t Camille Keaton’s who weighs about fourteen pounds. And maybe the techs should have put some glass in Matthews’s eye-glasses to help the whole ‘suspension of belief’ thing for the audience, he can’t ‘see’ without his glasses on. Debase, violent, disturbing and most importantly ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ was pointless. I’m all for female empowerment and all but I’ll watch ‘Norma Rae’ if need to see a sister doing it for herself since Sally Field isn’t cutting off dicks in that movie.  If I remember correctly.  As Jennifer motor boats away and closes the show by telling the last sodomizer ‘Suck it Bitch’ I wasn’t sure if she was talking to the dead dude or to me for watching this mess from start to finish.

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