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Christopher Armstead

‘Into the Blue 2’. I am kind of stunned over what actually qualifies to get a Straight to Video sequel nowadays. I guess we can look forward to ‘Drillbit Taylor 2’ or ‘My Best Friend’s Girl 2' since nothing is obviously out of bounds. I suppose like most folks, most men at least, the main thing I remember about the original was Jessica Alba wet and in a bikini for practically the entire movie. I also remember Paul Walker totally palming Jessica Alba’s ass in an underwater scene. I think he did that move impromptu style to ‘get into character’. My man the Mormon. So here we are with a sequel, but of course it’s not really a sequel since none of the same characters are here, it’s just basically a similar movie with less famous attractive people staying wet and doing some deep sea diving. They tossed in more titties too.

Dani (Laura Vandervoort) and Sebastian (Chris Carmack) are couple of attractive kids living off the coast of Hawaii and run a rag tag tourist operation in between Sebastian searching for long lost sunken treasure. One day this lovely British couple, Azra (Marsha Thompson) and Carlton (David Anders) pay the duo a visit looking for someone to assist them in searching for lost treasure off the reef and somehow Dani and Sebastian drew the short straw and were chosen by this pair to ferry them around.

They really did seem like such a nice couple, but the next thing you know Carlton is telling us this sob story about how they lost these two containers and if they don’t find these two containers that somebody’s going to kill him and his girl and since Dani and Sebastian have already made their acquaintance their lives are in jeopardy as well. But to make it worth their while he will give them 500 thousand dollars. Sounds cool. That is if he weren’t a stinking liar!

Just exactly what does this lying British Limey and his icy cold, who at the same time is also smokin’ hot girlfriend have our kids searching for out in the reef? Well we’re not at liberty to say exactly but just note that National Security has now fallen into the

hands of some random diving dude and his hot girlfriend, with neither of them, as far as we can tell, ever used to be a secret ops special forces badass killing machines. So much for our National Security.

When it was all said and done I can say that I didn’t hate this movie, but man it was struggle for this movie to get started. The opening scene featured some dude getting shot in the head. Cool. But for the next half hour the only purpose this movie seemed to want to do is show me was how crappy my life is. So what we have to suffer through is watching thin attractive people make out, have sex, play volleyball, whoop it at up at the club, eat fantastic meals, drink a little whine, not have jobs, scrap with each other a little bit, engage in a catfight or two, lounge on the beach, do a little surfing and do it all in perfect 80 degree weather. Most of this was done in montage style so you’re going to be waiting around awhile for the movie to actually start.

Finally a good half hour in our chocolate flavored British cutie pie puts somebody in chokehold and at last… the movie gets under way with the business of terrorizing attractive blonde kids with great teeth and really nice tans. There’s nothing particularly special or unique about this movie when it does get around to being the thriller that it purports to be, but it is competent, and that is saying something. The story that supports this thriller is reasonably told in an adequate manner, our attractive blonde kids with the great teeth and fantastic tans are suitably overmatched by the villains they are being terrorized by, though admittedly Marsha Thompson and David Anders weren’t the most oppressive bad guys around, and when it came time to eventually turn the tables on our villains it occurred in a fashion that seemed about right for a couple kids who weren’t former ex-special forces badass killing machines to get over on some international terrorists. A note to all future bad guy terrorist out there… if you’re going to commit a crime that includes being on a boat surrounded by a sea, it may be in your best interest to insure all of your bad guy crew has the ability to swim. Just tossing that out there.

Yes ‘Into the Blue 2: The Reef’ is completely mediocre and yes this is a sequel to a movie that I don’t think was really begging for sequel, but here it is nonetheless. Though you couldn’t pay me to sit through it again, I can safely say that I have seen worse, for whatever that’s worth.

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