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Bud Carlson

“Into the Blue” is a movie that has a lot going for it … Jessica Alba … in a bikini … swimming underwater … in the ocean. What more could you possibly want?

“Into the Blue” is a remake of the 1977 film “The Deep,” based on the story by Peter Benchley (who also wrote Jaws). It is about a group of divers, who think of themselves as professional treasure hunters, who stumble across a crashed plane full of cocaine. Nearby, they are also searching for a sunken treasure from a supposedly mythical vessel from the 1860’s. In order to claim the treasure, they have to positively identify the ship. However, if they give up the location of the downed coke plane, they’ll also give away the location of the sunken treasure ship. And if this happens, every treasure hunter from the islands to the mainland will be out there looking for the ship that’s rightfully theirs.

But let’s not get too serious here. The plot to the movie is weak and forgettable, and the characters are very lame. So many of their problems could have been avoided if they would have just had half a brain. But let’s be honest, it isn’t brains that we’re looking for with this movie. The filmmakers are capitalizing on their assets extremely well; the scenery is incredible. Oh, and the movie was filmed in the Bahamas, so the locations are beautiful too.

This is not a good movie, nor is it a bad movie. The voyeur factor for the movie is very high; while there is no “gratuitous nudity” (as one of my fellow film critics on this site would say), there are some pretty phenomenally-intimate shots of Jessica Alba swimming … underwater … in the ocean.

I am choosing to review this DVD for only three reasons:

  1. It’s not an awful movie, and many folks may not be familiar with it already.
  2. I’m dying to see which production photos Chris (our webmaster) chooses to put up with the review.

I want to have a poll, the results of which I will update occasionally here. The question is: Which is the hottest Jessica? Alba, Beil, Simpson, or Rabbitt? Email me your answers!

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