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Christopher Armstead

A Lifetime Network movie with boobs is what we have here with director Charles S. Kanganis film ‘Impulse’. Now we don’t mean denigrate neither Lifetime Network movies nor boobs with that statement, just telling you what I thought after I finished watching this movie, which despite the fact its probably one of the most completely ridiculous little movies I’ve ever seen, if you have the ability to shut off your ‘oh, that couldn’t happen’ gene, you just might get sucked up in glory of the luridness that is ‘Impulse’.

Willa Ford, who I’m told is some kind of pop singer and you must forgive me because I’m completely out of touch with present day pop culture, plays the role of Claire Dennison. Claire is some kind of big time advertising executive, I think, but she’s more on the creative end of things as she lords over advertising shoots with naked hotties rubbing all over each other and stuff. We can bet that these ads won’t be showing up on PAX anytime soon. Even though Claire has this high powered gig surrounded by all of these beautiful people, the only thing that she really wants to do is love her husband, psychiatrist Dr. John Dennison (Angus Macfadyen) and hopefully give him the child that the both of them desperately want. Jonathan is wonderful man but he is some twenty years older than his beautiful wife and is quite the stick in the mud. To help spur the whole baby making act along Denise comes home in a black wig and sexy leather, calling herself Lucia, which totally freaks her sexually repressed husband out, but Jonathan does recognize his enclosure and suggest he may get with the program down the road and surprise his wife one day by matching her Lucia with his own Roberto.

Well wouldn’t you know that while having dinner during a business trip to San Francisco ‘Roberto’ walks in the restaurant with a new haircut, fresh threads (does anybody use that word anymore?) and whole different kind of persona. It would seem

that Jonathan has got with program after all and as such, Claire takes ‘Roberto’ up to the hotel room and sexes him up something fierce. But not so fast my friend because it turns out that this cat isn’t Jonathan at all, just some guy by the name of Simon Phillips who looks EXACTLY like Jonathan right down to the folds under his belly. Even though Claire is all upset that she has just cheated on her husband, the worst is yet to come because she’s cheated on her husband with a dude who just happens to be an unbalanced, manipulative, murderous raping psychopath, which always sucks. And Simon has a plan to make Claire all his own.

We will admit that the script for ‘Impulse’ is a little lazy in that it suffers from blatant use of foreshadowing on numerous occasions as you know that full well that something that seems innocuous in the beginning is going to become relevant in the conclusion. The narrative also asks you to swallow a huge chunk of implausibility since you are required to accept the fact that there are two dudes out in this big old world that look exactly like Angus Macfadyen, who aren’t twin brothers separated at birth, or related in any way shape or form. Then you need to accept that the wife and husband doppelganger are both out of town at the same time and end up at the same restaurant at the same point in time. THEN you have to accept that a wife is sexing up some stranger, despite the fact the he looks exactly like her husband, and notices absolutely no differences between the two. None. And though I hate to throw in a SPOILER, you can probably guess that a decision is going to come down at the end and it’s going to include Claire, a gun, and two dudes yelling at her to shoot the other.

Now that you’ve accepted all of that other stuff we can get to the business of enjoying this movie. Willa Ford does spend a good bit of this film nude, and considering her body is nothing short of phenomenal, though perhaps a bit man made, it’s still a very good thing. Believe me when I tell you that Dr. 90210 was on his A game that day. Angus Macfayden, who in the movie .'45’ and followed by terminal ‘Redline’, is taking overacting to new and fabulous levels, and with his performance as the crazed Simon, he is showing that his zealous over acting ability has no ceiling. Macfadyen does do a credible job of playing two distinct characters and keeping their personalities separate, though maybe he was just a little too wild-eyed with as Simon, but then that’s just Angus being Angus. Credit should be given to director Kanganis, who also wrote this thing, for keeping his film humming along and looking good. I’m pretty sure he probably knows as well as anybody how silly his script was but he kept his nose pressed to grindstone and played this thing as straight as possible to the finish line.

Sure ‘Impulse’ probably won’t qualify as a ‘good’ movie in the classic sense of the word ‘good’ but it is an entertaining one. If you don’t mind a little overacting, a few wayward boobies and a completely unbelievable storyline, then I’m betting you won’t mind spending a little time with this little slice of silliness calling itself ‘Impulse’.

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