Reviewed by

Rob Vinson

Hustle and flow is a movie about a two-bit pimp going through a mid-life crisis. D-Jay (Terrence Howard) and the working girls that he manages all suddenly realize that they want more out of life than what their current lifestyles provide. D-Jay then meets an old school buddy (Anthony Anderson) and together, with the help of D-Jay’s working girls, they try to carry out a plan to become hip-hop artist. Hustle and Flow is a wonderful movie that totally redefines the image of a southern pimp. The movie, driven by wonderful Memphis music past and present, effectively provides a mood which pulls you into this unexplored world of a down trodden pimp. Terrence Howard’s performance was absolutely brilliant. Student actors can benefit from studying his style, range and execution. This movie is a great example of why independent films should not be overlooked or underestimated, and that it does not take 50 million dollars to make a wonderful and entertaining film. Unfortunately this movie is probably thrown into a category of being just another hip-hop film. Nothing can be further from the truth. This movie has a heavy story that dives deep into the soul of all of the main characters involved. Each actor performed, in my opinion, their personal best performances to display the essence of their characters. I highly recommend this movie. Congratulations to all involved in making this film.

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