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The good thing for this movie 'Fright Night 2' is that I'd probably pay good money to watch actress Jamie Murray fold her laundry.  The not so good thing for this movie 'Fright Night 2' is that I'd almost rather see Ms. Murray fold her laundry than watch this movie again.  Sad... but true.

Just so you know, this isn't a sequel to that Fright Night remake from a couple of years back, but just Fright Night remade yet again.  This is like the fourth Fright Night.  The original from 1985, then in 2007 we had Never Cry Werewolf which was Fright Night but with werewolves, the actual remake, and now this.  I'm gonna go ahead and make an executive decision and call a halt to Fright Night. 

Anyway, today's version of Charlie Brewster is being played by Will Payne, and the new Charlie and his classmates are in Romania for a week to take an art history class of some sort.  Best School Ever.  Charlie is sad because his girlfriend Amy (Sacha Parkinson) doesn't want to be his girlfriend anymore because she saw him kissing a girl or something, which will play into our narrative in some way down the line. 

But it is a Fright Night movie so you know the routine.  Charlie looks out his window, sees the hot lady across the way, Gerri Dandridge (Murray), eat a prostitute, and not in the happy ending type of way, tries to tell people but nobody wants to listen.  Then lo and behold, Gerri is actually the professor of his art history class, and boy does she like messing with poor Charlie.  Actually, considering what this woman likes to wear as her 'professor gear', she's pretty much messing with every single male and gay female in her audience.
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As it turns out, Professor Gerri is actually the sinister Madame Bathory who we all know needs to bathe in the blood of virgins to stay young and beautiful, or prostitutes, since I guess virgins are really hard to come by nowadays.  Fortunately for Charley, he has an uber obnoxious friend in Ed (Chris Waller) who has the vampire knowledge gene and has some theories on how to take this beast down.  Most of these theories require the help of the editions version of Peter Vincent (Sean Power), who hosts some kind of schlock ghost hunter TV show.

Regardless of all of that nonsense, what Gerri really needs is a virgin born on a blood moon at midnight at high tide, I think, I can't remember, to become human again.  Or something.  But where in the heck is she going to find a virgin?  In Transylvania?  Unless by chance we have just imported one.  You mean to tell me, Charlie, you haven't taken care of that business yet?  No wonder your girlfriend is mad at you.  Will Charlie stop the madness of this new Madame Bathory?  Sure he will.  It's a Fright Night movie and it's been made like five times already.

There are issues with this version of 'Fright Night' my friends, starting with the fact that it's the same version of the movies that came before it, only falling short in almost every comparable category.  The young actors they have playing our kids in trouble seem like nice people, but they really aren't that great as actors as of yet, though I'm sure they can get better over time.  The problem with this is that they couldn't sell me on anything that they were doing in this movie.  Jamie Murray is still an awful lot of fun to look at, and sure enough she was vamping it up the best she could, add to that she is also super pale which does kind of lend itself to being a vampire type creature which did make her existence the best thing about this movie, but in this Horror / Thriller there wasn't much her version of Madame Bathory could do generate any kind of scares, let alone thrills.  And we will be kind and not dwell on this realities presentation of Peter Vincent.

What possibly could've helped this film, in the absence of decent acting and an oppressive villain, would be action, gore, violence, and maybe some subversive sexuality.  The action was sparse, but there was one scene in what looked to be in some underground catacombs where our heroes were fleeing the nutty vampire, and the narrow caverns made for some great atmosphere, but for whatever reason director Eduardo Rodriguez went with this strobe light effect, which for starters was super annoying, but more importantly made it damn near impossible to see anything, since you were getting blinded every other second.  The gore was rather light, so the gore hounds need not apply, and the sexuality was subdued at best.  In retrospect, this Fright Night probably would've better served as a complete exploitation film since the horror and the thrills were fairly absent.  It wouldn't have made this a better movie, but it would've made it a more memorable movie.

It's not like you don't have enough Fright Nights to choose from, so I would probably skip this one and just jump in a time machine back to 1985 enjoy the original in this one's stead. 
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