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Christopher Armstead
Sick of 'Found Footage'?  Well this movie right here, 'Evidence', aims to step it up a bit with regular standard movie footage mixed with found footage to create a whole new type of movie experience.  What the filmmakers behind 'Evidence' have ended up creating is a hard to follow, nonsensical, plot hole ridden mess of a movie that I kind of liked anyway.  Go figure.

Our film opens amidst a scene of abject destruction and horror.  The cops are on the scene as there is smoke, fires, dead bodies, body parts and wanton destruction.  What in the world happened here?

Investigating this scene is top Las Vegas cop Burquez (Radha Mitchell) who has in her possession some video tapes and some cellphone video, and she is going to stitch this video evidence together and solve this case.  Also floating around is one Detective Reese (Stephen Moyer), some sort of 'Video Breakdown Cop' who has recently suffered through some kind of tragedy and wants in on the case.  I mean he's like the best video breakdown cop ever.  Burquez thinks Reese needs to continue with his mandatory leave, but we need this guy.  I mean really, because this cat knows all kinds of fancy video talk that the clowns that reside in the video room at the current time, would've never figured out.  I also hope that there are still cops on the scene of the actual crime doing real police work and not just putting everything on the shoulders of our video footage cops.

So what does this found footage show us?  Well we have Leann (Torrey DeVitto) who is an actress and her BFF Rachel (Caitlin Stasey) who is a filmmaker, and Caitlan will be the one obnoxiously filming everything.  The plan for these kids, as far as I can tell, is to catch a charter bus to Las Vegas for a glorious weekend, complicated a bit by Leann's boyfriend Tyler (Nolan Gerald Funk) proposing to her, in a most public way, and Leann declining this proposal.  The weekend just wouldn't be any fun without Tyler. 
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Tyler does show up, we meet our bus driver Ben (Harry Lennix), we pick up a few other people like Vicki the Russian super model (Svetlana Metkina), who by chance has a video camera in a box that she has brought for her son, and now the trip is underway.

Damn if it looks like Ben the bus driver is taking a Vegas Shortcut, or something, which leads to the bus capsizing and then leads to our future victims having to take refuge at a an abandoned truck stop.  What's at this truck stop?  Besides bad cellphone service?  Death of course, and the completely unique concept of a Crazed Welder.  Didn't see that coming.  Didn't know an acetylene torch could just slice folks limbs off.  I also noticed, through our various video feeds, that this torch seemed to be plugged into something.  Now I'm no badass, but I know I can run outside and unplug something.  That I can do.

As our cops sift through the footage, they need to know 'whodunit' and bring them to justice!  Well… it was THAT GUY!  Or THIS GUY!  Or THE OTHER GUY!  That's pretty much how they go through the process, these cops, and they never really get it right.  Worse cops ever.  What actually did happen is completely ridiculous.  But so is the entire movie, so it kind of worked.

The basic concept behind 'Evidence' is actually pretty cool, if not pretty ridiculous like most of the movie, that being cops locked in a room analyzing video evidence, which is a nice setup for this horror thriller.  The ridiculous part is that this entire investigation seems to start and end in the video surveillance room, but that's what they are going with so we will go with it too.  As the movie goes on, on the found footage side, the movie kind of devolves into more ridiculousness from the Las Vegas shortcut, to the odd location that our future victims have to be at, to the illogical character behaviors… but there is a method to madness on that end, you just have to wait for it.

Now as crazy as the found footage elements are, including the wacky ending, the cops in the room are probably even more illogical since these cops seem to suck at their rudimentary jobs.  They randomly accuse whomever seems to be the culprit at the time without a lot of thought being put into it, and then scrambled the troops to make some arrest only to be wrong yet again.  All I can tell you is that if there are survivors, and while I'm no law enforcement official, but if I find dead bodies and survivors… guess who my first suspects are?

But guess what… I liked this movie.  Heck if I know why.  Maybe because it just stayed in constant motion.  Even in scenes that took place in the video control room, director Olatunde Osunsanmi kept his camera in motion, which normally I would find annoying, but here it added to the action and kept the movie moving forward.  Then you have Australians Stephen Moyer and Radha Mitchell who play Americans about as well as anybody… sad no more Americans are trying to be actors anymore… and they played incompetent cops just beautifully. 

Yes, 'Evidence' is flawed, almost beyond repair, but it is still kind of a fun movie to sit through.  I mean it has an insane welder!  How many movies have that? 
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