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Christopher Armstead
So… it's the end of the world right?  Which happens to be the title of this SyFy channel epic, 'End of the World', and basically the only lifeline you have to extending life at the end of the world is your beat up conversion van.  Often, this van doesn't start, and this usually occurs at the most inopportune times, such as being attacked by crazed mobs or being overrun by murderous dust storms.  Thus, armed this knowledge, and fully recognizing that doing what we are going to suggest is bad for the environment, but perhaps we should leave the van running?  I don't know, just throwing that out there for your consumption.  Nonetheless, as ridiculous as that situation might be, it
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their thirties to look elsewhere for potential mates.  Which I think Selena was going to do, but then the evil space neutrinos starting to descend upon the earth with a vengeance, completely disintegrating people and wrecking stuff, which is going to put that on hold.  Maybe forever.

However, as bad and as apocalyptic as these space neutrinos might be, if there was a group of losers prepared such an event, Owen, Steve and Leonard are these losers.  They have end of the world survival kits, they have caboodles of knowledge… from movies they saw… on how to behave in these situations, and they also have Dr. Walter Brown (Brad Dourif) on speed dial.  It probably would help if they had a working vehicle, but we're gonna stop beating that dead horse.  Dr. Walter Brown is the preeminent expert on… hell… I forget… but he would know how to fix this situation.  If he wasn't locked up in the local mental ward, his crime… looking like Brad Dourif.  Come on now, if you saw Brad Dourif and you didn't know he was Brad Dourif, you would assume he just escaped from the looney bin. 

The situation for our heroes is a daunting one, first we have to find Selena who might be dead, next we have to avoid the mad mobs, then we have to outwit Owen's witless and douchey cousin Max (Mark Hildreth) then we have to break Dr. Brown out of a super low security mental ward so he can save the Earth.  How are we going to save the Earth from evil space neutrinos?  If you said 'Nuke the sumbitch'… then you've seen a disaster movie.  Move to the front of the class.

I have to hand it to Mr. Monroe and his team behind 'End of the World' as these filmmakers have crafted a film that doesn't take itself all that serious, but also strikes a delicate balance in being just serious enough to avoid being complete buffoonery, which almost works to perfection.  Almost.  So while there is a certain amount of 'tongue in cheekiness' going on in 'End of the World', when granny gets incinerated or when various objects fall from the sky to crush semi-major characters, and that's going to happen a lot in this movie, that's still pretty serious stuff. 

Also working for 'End of the World' is that clearly this is a movie, without shame or fear of recrimination, plays to fans of the genre of disaster movies, and you have to appreciate that.  I mean you don't have to appreciate I guess, but we here at the FCU, who have seen about as many disaster movies as anybody ever, certainly appreciate it.  The performances were pretty good, as most everybody in this movie was in on the joke, and overall we enjoyed our time spent with 'End of the World'.

Now there were times when the movie dragged a little, meaning I did fall asleep, but that could be because I'm getting older and I tend to watch movies in bed late at night.  Nah, that couldn't be it.  That's crazy talk, they needed to pep it up a little bit in the middle.  And of course one might question why it's up to video clerks in Canada to save the Earth as opposed to some kind of legitimate response from the world community, or even more pressing, the ease at which it is to acquire launch codes to set off a nuclear missile.   I mean my man can launch a nuclear missile but he can't remember to keep his broken down van running.  Come on now.

But we did enjoy our time with 'End of the World', almost to the point we don't even have to use our SyFy curve to justify our enjoyment of it.  B- without the curve, a solid A with the Sci-Fi curve generously applied. 
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will be difficult for me to completely crap on director Steven R. Monroe's 'End of the World' as it deftly combines the sublime and the ridiculous while also having its heart in the right place.

Owen (Greg Grunberg), Steve (Neil Grayston) and Leonard (Amitai Marmorstein) are three happy-go-lucky Canadians, I think, running a video store.  But then maybe they're not Canadians because later on they're going to need access to a nuke and I don't think Canada has a nuclear program.  I could be mistaken there though.  Regardless, Owen, Steve and Leonard do have us a little concerned since they do own a video store, which in itself is
an indication that these cats lack a bit of future vision, plus I do believe that their video store only specializes in disaster movies.  I also noticed that at no point in this movie did this video store of theirs have any customers, but that being said, if I didn't have bills to pay and mouths to feed, I too would own a video store. 

Owen, I guess by default is the hot one of the crew, has a hot girlfriend in Selena (Caroline Cave), but hot women in their thirties whose boyfriends work in video stores and tend to forget their birthdays usually results in a situation that forces hot women in
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