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Christopher Armstead

Somebody’s been watching a little too much ‘Urotsukidoji: The Legend of the Overfiend’ I’m thinking. A while ago back in the late 80’s a ‘friend’ of mind slips me this video cassette with some Japanese Anime and tells me I should really watch this because it’s ‘stupid fresh’. I think that’s the terminology this dude used. It was Vol. 1 of the Urotsukidoji series and since I was starting to get into some Japanese Anime I was down. At least until the demon found some helpless school girl, viciously raped her with a penis the size of an RV and upon busting his nut exploded her into a bloody pulp. I ejected that video cassette and never spoke to that dude again. At least until my mom called me and told that I can’t ignore my brother for the rest of my life. Director Fabrice Lambot it would seem watched that, and other similar Hentai themed Anime to there completion after watching his film ‘Dying God’, about a demon with a retractable penis about the size of VW desperate to mate.

I’m not quite sure where this movie takes place as I’m thinking it’s supposed be some big American city, though it was shot in Argentina. Wherever this thing takes place the city has some problems as there is someone or something out there attacking and raping the cities sex worker population in a most terrible way. Never fear however because crack police detective Sean Fallon (James Horan) is on the job. More or less. Fallon you see has put the B in bad cop as he drinks on the job, shakes down citizens for cash, screws prostitutes on the regular, including the legendary Misty Mundae who likes to call herself Erin Brown in her legitimate life, steals guns from his precinct and sells them to the local thugs, and even commits the occasional murder. Why is detective Fallon such a mess you might ask? Well, as it is explained to us, it’s because his wife left him. This is apparently the best that they could come up with.

There’s something ‘odd’ about these rapes however as our Medical Examiner has observed the gaping hole in the various victims stomachs – coming from the inside out,

the perforated uteri and presence of gallons of semen of unknown origin deposited in these poor dead whores bodies. One person who needs to stop this carnage is wheelchair bound pimp Mr. Chance (Lance Henriksen), who Fallon works for on the side, because his girls are among the victims in this town which, as you could imagine, is quite bad for his whoring business. As to why this demon is raping women we are given some mumbo jumbo explanations floating throughout about Indian prophecies who think this thing is a god, which could be why the demon has a Shaman for a sidekick who goes everywhere he goes, flowing dope rhymes at the demon’s rape parties. Eventually our rogue cop, who is desperately in need of redemption, and our alien with the retractable schlong are going to go head up, with the fate of all the whores in Argentina lying in the balance.

One of the more amusing scenes in ‘Dying God’, which was summarily awful by the way, was when the monster had Lance Henriksen’s character of Chance cornered and Chance defiantly announces: ‘Do you think I’m gonna run from you?’ Errrr… no I don’t sir because you’re in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the waist down which will limit your ability to run anywhere. I’m pretty sure that Mr. Henrikssen, who is easily one of my favorite actors, read that and probably thought it was a pretty stupid line. But judging from some of the movies I’ve old man Lance in recently, Lance ain’t turning nothing down but his collar. But as I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m not paying no actor’s rent or child support so I’m not going to judge the man on what he chooses to show up in… but this was pretty damn bad.

Probably the first thing that stands out as ‘Dying God’ opens in the unusually blurry and dirty digital video look of the film. I’m a big champion of DV as a viable film alternative, but this one wouldn’t be a project I would use as a witness for the defense. But quite honestly, no matter how bad a film might look you eventually adjust to it, and if the film has a compelling story to get you into it, you will completely forget it. Not so with ‘Dying God’, though the story of was certainly an ambitious one, it was poorly executed, badly acted and erratically paced. James Horan however wasn’t so bad as the dirty cop, and at least his character was fairly consistent throughout. And despite the fact that Lance Henriksen might show up in a questionable production here and there, it looks like he does give it his best shot every time out. It’s the actors that surround this pair that let the story down the most.

There were some good things in the production as director Lambot seems to have definite flair for the dramatic with all the jump cuts and orchestra hits there were in his film, most of the female characters got naked and the demon monster wasn’t too bad looking, though one has to wonder how much time the design team was forced to spend designing the creatures penis. Or not wonder. Plus since dudes junk is retractable you would think he would’ve held a little back so he wouldn’t go around perforating uteri and blowing out bellies. Note to monster: Women with perforated uteri and gaping holes in their stomachs often have trouble getting pregnant.

There’s not a lot to recommend here except for the novelty of it all, because it is an original if nothing else, and of course to hear Lance Henriksen’s gravely voice one more time as he moves on to his next fourteen or so projects.

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