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Christopher Armstead

It’s official.  Kate Beckinsdale is pretty hot.  We have already established this fact in our review of Underworld: Evolution some time back, but when it comes to Ms. Beckinsdale, it never hurts to revisit and confirm her hotness.  ‘Click’ however is not a Kate Beckinsdale movie, it is an Adam Sandler flick, so Kate doesn’t spend nearly as much time on the screen as one would like.  But before we get around to trashing ‘Click’, and trash it we will,   I just want it to be known that I do not dislike Adam Sandler or his movies.  I understand there is a section of the American Public who would probably pay 9 bucks just to see the guy fart on film for 90 minutes, and though I may not be one of those, ‘The Waterboy’ still ranks as one of my favorite films of all time.  But Adam has been shooting blanks lately and it may be time Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson to officially take over as the slacker / goofy/ funny or whatever dude.

Adam Sandler is Michael Newmann, A hard working architect with an overly demanding boss (David Hasselhoff), who desperately wants to make partner to provide his family the best life possible.  After he breaks his remote, he decides he needs a universal remote and heads to Bed Bath and Beyond (who must have a paid a pretty penny for this product shot) to find one.  There he meets the mysterious Marty (Christopher Walken) who gives Micheal a ‘special’ remote that controls everything to make his life easier to manage.  And we mean Everything.  This here remote control can pause life, allowing you do things like fart in your bosses face, Fast Forward, so you can avoid rubbing your wife’s body (Kate Becksindale) and FF through sex,  (don’t look at me, I didn’t write this nonsense).  But here’s the rub.  You can’t reverse and

it's a learning remote.  So, if you consistently FF through sex, the remote will do it all the time, even when you don’t want it to, and it will FF through all kinds of important things that you probably wouldn’t want to miss.  Like your kids graduating and your parents dying and such.  Thus Michael learns valuable lessons about life, time, love, blah, blah blah…

I think Adam, if I may call him that, may be in a bit of quandary.  His Gatesesque wealth has been created mainly by the Happy Gilmore’s and Little Nicky’s on his resume, but as evident by his work in ‘Punch Drunk Love’ and to a lesser extent ‘Spanglish’, the dude has some real talent.  However Punch Drunk Love pulled in a whopping 18 million at the B.O, which the atrocious ‘Longest Yard’ probably made in one lazy afternoon, and Spanglish didn’t do that much better.  Adam’s fans demand silliness, farts, nutsack kicks and mean nonsensical comedy, NOT drama, and ‘Click’ fills the former bill completely.

Watch Adam play with the remote ‘contrast’, turn his face green and make funny voices, har har har.  Watch Adam play with the horizontal focus on his remote and make David Hasselhoff short and fat, har har har.  Watch Adam in a fat suit play with his belly, har har har.  Watch Adam fart in his bosses face and kick his some guy in his nuts, har har har.  Pile on some really mean and unnecessary cruel ‘jokes’ which I assume were meant to be funny for the Sandler die-hards, total lapses in logic, and a disjointed, disconnected plotline and you’re left with one really disappointing film.

Obviously, you can’t go through an entire Adam Sandler movie without at least busting a couple of good laughs, and they are most certainly there.  I’d actually tell you what they are, but then you won’t go see the movie because you would have read the two big laughs here, and I’m not trying to cost Mr. Sandler any loot.  But they are there.  It’s just the rest of the movie that sucks.  It’s good to see the Fonz, a Sandler favorite, one more time, and Kate sure is easy on the eye, (I only have one) but ‘Click’ can be skipped by all but the Sandler faithful, which is apparently 90% of the free world. 

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