Reviewed by

Rob Vinson

Copote is a story about Truman Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman) the world renown writer and his journey through gathering information for his highly anticipated true story novel “In Cold Blood”.  In this tale Truman Copote comes face to face with guilt and personal conviction as he develops feelings for the killer of which his book is based.


I feel that there are basically two types of movies.  “Popcorn Movies”, “Wine Movies” and various degrees in between.  Popcorn movies are films that give the brain immediate satisfaction.  No need to think too hard, all relevant issues are obvious, and the entertainment factor is in your face.  Then there are “Wine movies” If you drink wine like eating popcorn (guzzle) you will miss all of the components that make a great wine special, and then wonder “what was so special about that?”  To appreciate a great wine you must have patience, and have an eye for detail.  In wine you must recognize: fragrance, color, grape type, sweetness, Balance, complexity, body and acidity.  You can often reflect and appreciate components of a fine wine long after the glass is empty.   Popcorn movies can be great for most (StarWars) but only a keen sense for detail can truly appreciate a wine movie.  Capote is a Wine Movie.  The cinematography, lighting, supporting cast, and performance by Philip Hoffman are the wonderful components of this fine wine.   Surely this is not the type of movie that will fill theater seats with asses and on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this movie a 7 , but if you are indeed a wine person, pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy this movie.  Oh yeah… throw in the movie “Sideways” as well, the Ultimate Wine Movie.

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