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Christopher Armstead

I’m what you call a forward thinker, you know what I’m saying? So this movie ‘It’s a boy girl thing’ is another one of those body switcheroo things where this time the nerdy smart girl switches bodies with her studly athletic next door neighbor, and of course they hate each other. Now I got one for you and it’s totally for free and I don’t expect any credit for it when you write the screenplay and it gets picked up in a huge seven figure development deal. Just ignore those letters from my lawyer. So take the tired, lame switcheroo story basis which has only been done 8 billion times but combine it with the teenage slasher film which also has been done like 80 billion times. You feeling me yet? So basically through some odd mystical forces of xiopetal or something, Jason Vorhees or whomever you are going to call your crazed killer switches bodies with Sally Sweet-Innocence! Is that freaking brilliant or what? Imagine the possibilities for hilarity AND horror! So get to work potential screen writers because you know we don’t have nearly enough of you guys in this great nation of ours.

Allrightythen! Samaire Armstrong is Nell Bedworth, a hot little virginal nerd with 2% body fat, a love of Shakespearean sonnets and classical music. I mean what says nerd more than listening to Chopin? She has a snooty mom, a browbeaten dad and lacks popularity at the local High School. Nell is all good with that because she has an interview at Harvard and knows very well that High School prowess often translates itself into trailer park occupancy, and that’s not happening to our little Yale bound Nell. Did I say Harvard? I went to neither so who gives damn. GO MARYVILLE U!

Next door to the Bedworth’s we have Woody Deane, a cleft chin possessing, dimpled cheek owning, blue-eyed sporting demonstration of high school manliness who listens

to Mystikal, is a stud on the football team, dates the head cheerleader, isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box and has a black best friend. If you have you a Black best bud in a movie, then you are automatically cool. Think how lame Tom Hanks would have looked in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ if Dave Chapelle wasn’t his best friend? Woody’s parents seem to be sub working class with his mom working in a diner, and his old dude working at place called spatula world. Somehow however through the magical world of movies, the upper crust Bedworth’s and the subcutaneous Deane’s ended up being next door neighbors.

To jump to the cut, these two divergent personalities who can’t stand each other through the magic of something or another switch bodies. And now let the gags begin! Some of the gags work and some don’t but it’s all fairly standard stuff. Look! I have a penis! Look! I have boobs! And let us work to extend the gags from there. Anyway Woody has a big game, Nell has a the big interview, they get to know each other for the fantastic people they really are and fall in love, everything works out in the end, play that James Blunt song and roll the credits.

I would be lying to you if told you I hated ‘It’s a boy girl thing’ because I didn’t. Admittedly it was about as fresh as a week old loaf of open Wonder bread, but it was sweet in its presentation, Samaire Armstrong and Kevin Zegars are very likable, very appealing young actors, there were a couple of really funny scenes and it has football in it. If a movie has football in it and pays football its proper respect, as they do in ‘It’s a boy girl thing’, then I will always give a film an extra point, pun not intended.

The only real problem I had with ‘It’s a girl boy thing’ was the rating which was PG-13, unless I saw the ‘unrated’ version or something. I mean there was nudity both male and female, profanity, underage drinking, underage sex and some old white cat in the end grabbing his crotch and rapping to the Black Eyed Peas. That in itself should have made this thing NC-17. Come on MPAA! Get on your Job! One other little thing that bothered me a bit was at the end of the movie as Nell blows off Yale and Woody blows off his football scholarship, jump in Woody’s hot rod so they could take a year off on ‘sabbatical’ and get ‘to know’ each other. Now if that’s not a recipe for teenage disaster I don’t what is. Obviously they’re not going to do anything but have unprotected sex, which will ultimately end will Nell getting pregnant, Woody dumping her back at her parent’s house, and Nell spending the rest of her life chasing food stamps and child support. Great message guys! Blow off you’re future for unfulfilling teenage sex. Shoulda made that you’re tagline.

Regardless, the world isn’t a worse place because ‘It’s a boy girl thing’ exist, and sometimes, that’s qualifies as hearty recommendation.

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