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Molloy (Ray Liotta) is an absolute mess.  He might have a first name but I forgot it.  But back to Molloy, he's a drug addict, alcoholic, small time stick up man and the American expatriate is doing all of this in Australia.  And people say America isn't an exporter.  On this day Molloy is supposed to meet master criminal Mack (Dominic Purcell) at some place at an exact time for some kind of master heist.  While I'm not a criminal, it has been my experience that drug addicted alcoholics make for bad sidekicks in just about everything, especially something that requires them to be somewhere on time.  Hell if I know why Mack didn't know this simple, self-evident truth.  Guess what?  Molloy didn't show up for the gig, partially because he was too busy plowing into the side of some building while having a massive, cocaine induced heart attack, and now Molloy has to do this job all by himself.  The job goes poorly, Mack gets pinched by the authorities, Molloy survives and also does a little time for driving drunk but he will get his life together eventually, but 'Bad Karma' seems to be following him everywhere he will go in his new life.

Some years have passed, Molloy is all cleaned up, clean shaven, is doing some clean living… note that we saw him eating a salad for lunch which is something only clean living people do… plus he has a decent job and the love a good woman (Vanessa Gray).  Life couldn't be any better.  What could possibly go wrong?

How about Mack getting out of jail?  Mack could do right, just like Molloy, but where's the fun in that?  Mack tracks down Malloy at a local quickie mart and proceeds to kill everybody there, while making it look like Malloy did this.  Not cool.  Plus don't forget that Molloy still has a bum ticker which tends to act up at even the slightest hint
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of stress.  To make things more stressful for Molloy, Mack has taken to showing up unannounced at Molloy's crib pretending to be an old friend.  Molloy probably should just tell his girl that Mack is a psycho criminal he used to hang out with while robbing folks, but wait… Molloy never told his girl that he's an ex-con.  Again, I've never been a criminal but if I were in the dating scene as an ex-criminal, my standard line would be 'Hi, my name is Chris, I'm an ex-con… and you got my heart under arrest baby'.  Ice broken, full disclosure and a killer opening line.  How hard was that Molloy?

So Mack keeps putting the squeeze on Molloy, note he has the video showing Molloy at the quickie mart massacre, and Molloy keeps clutching his chest with all Mack wants is for Molloy to make up for that lost time years ago and do one last job with him.  It can't come to that.  It ends now.  Heart attack guy versus the super fit angry guy with the porno 'stache.  It seems to me that Heart Attack guy doesn't stand a chance.  But I could be wrong.

One thing we can say about Suri Krishnamma's thriller 'Bad Karma' is that it is at least a competent piece of cinematic story telling.  Ray Liotta might not have stepped too far out of his comfort zone but he did do well in this role, Dominic Purcell was subsequently menacing, aided a lot by that completely oppressive mustache he was sporting which had badass written all over it, and Vanessa Gray is absolutely stunning.  There's a lot of violence, a little skin, a little action, a little drama and so it does has all the prerequisites that are required for a solid thriller, but for me at least 'Bad Karma' was ultimately all so rudimentary. 

The story that we're being told is very similar to the many that have come before it, but alas didn't deliver anything new or fresh to narrative which could've separated itself from these other tales and as such came off as very familiar, dare we even say stale.  Since the story was so familiar it was also fairly predictable which also lessened the amount of thrills being delivered our way. 

But while the story didn't necessarily electrify us here at the FCU, even though we are notoriously easy to electrify, familiar, tired and stale doesn't necessarily equate into unwatchable and lacking entertainment.  I know it sounds like it does, but it doesn't.  As we mentioned earlier the performances were solid, with most of this solid action coming way via Dominic Purcell who was chewing up scenery like it was a stick of juicy fruit.  Again, we question the master criminal status of anyone whose main accomplice is a crack head, but Mr. Purcell all by his lonesome made this movie worth watching, and while it was pretty predictable, Krishamma does pace his movie well enough so that one won't become bored while watching it.  That is if you were to ask me. 

And clearly you are asking me.  'Bad Karma' isn't fresh or original or new or anything remotely similar those adjectives, but we there is something to be said for doing something familiar and doing it well.
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