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Christopher Armstead

I haven’t seen the first ‘Bachelor Party’ since it first came out when I was just a young teenager so very long ago and as such I vaguely remember it. What I do remember is that it starred that curly haired dude from that TV show ‘Bosom Buddies’ who just had a movie released a couple months earlier called ‘Splash’ which made him an international movie star, and that this movie benefited MIGHTILY from the success of that flick. I also remember boobs, which was damned important to a fifteen year old at the time. Not that it’s not important to a forty year old today, just lower on the scale of importance behind mortgages, electricity, band practices, spousal duties and such. So what in the world would prompt anybody to make a sequel to a twenty four year old movie, particularly when that curly haired dude from ‘Bosom Buddies’ is nowhere to be found? The answer to that question would be that there is no reason.

Ron (Josh Cooke) really loves him some Melinda (Sara Foster). Even though they’ve only been dating all of two months, sometimes you just know when it’s right and while the both of them are in handcuffs – it’s a long story – he pops the question and she, with joy in her heart, accepts.

As is common in run of the mill moron-coms such as this one, our reasonably well adjusted handsome everyman star has a core group of friends who a just the opposite. We have Derek (Harlan Williams) who has just failed in a third marriage and has numerous children by these numerous wives, and for the life of him can’t imagine why Ron would want to throw his life away. Then there’s Jason (Greg Pitts), the O-face dude, who is overweight and obnoxious which is a virtual staple in these buddy comedies, and finally there’s Seth the Jew (Danny Jacobs) who is an obsessive compulsive germaphobe. Normally we wouldn’t mention my mans religious beliefs, but his Jewishness does play a fairly major part of the humorous intent of this movie.

Since ‘Bachelor Party’ is in the title of the movie, it’s time for the festivities to begin, which be hosted by Todd (Warren Christie), the duplicitous husband of Ron’s future sister-in-law Autumn (Karen Gordon). Todd is fearful that Ron will be moving in on all of his hard earned ass kissing of Sara’s wealthy dad, especially considering that his wife is the genetic polar opposite of the supermodel-esque Sara, and thus Todd  has taken it upon himself to ruin this marriage before it starts with an onslaught of liquor and whores.

Now mayhem and hijinx kick into high gear as we, and Ron, are assaulted by a plethora of sight gags, pratfalls, tons of titties and the occasional man-ass. Ron however remains faithful to his betrothed, at least until he meets Eva (a virtually perfect Emmanuelle Vaugier) who does tempt the man, which is completely understandable, and truth be told I’d have to give him a pass on that one. Then of course the predictable rom-com stuff kicks in as boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, and the bad guy gets violated. Roll credits.

It’s not that ‘Bachelor Party 2’ was a horrible movie, but like so many of these late in life Straight to DVD sequels it just seemed like a pointless movie. Neil Israel who directed the first ‘Bachelor Party’ and his brother Bob who produced it served as Executive Producers on this film and I suppose they were sitting around at Thanksgiving dinner one year and thought the world really could use a ‘Bachelor Party’ update. In retrospect, perhaps not. Some of the jokes were funny though, since it did try so hard to be funny and threw so many sight gags your way, it would be damn near impossible to watch this movie stone faced, but far more fell flat than hit their mark. I’m not to sure about the whole Hitler joke angle which seemed like it was a bit inappropriate, but working on the assumption that the Israel’s are Jewish one must think that if it’s cool with them then I guess I’m cool with it too.

Now what would have been interesting is a true sequel to ‘Bachelor Party’. I don’t know what kind of terms the Israel’s are on with Tom Hanks, but if they could have tricked him into reprising his role of Rick Gassko and working with the story line that his marriage to the Tawny Kitaen character has been over after a couple years, and then have them get re-married or something, and THEN have an old dude Bachelor Party blow out. That would be funny. I’m pretty sure Tawny and Adrian Zmed are free but of course we do recognize that Mr. Hanks probably gets a per picture price that’s twelve times the entire budget of this particular movie which could be prohibitive.

As it stands now however ‘Bachelor Party 2’ runs to long at close to two hours and as such it probably could have stood to lose about twenty minutes, it is also humor challenged, derivative and predictable. Chances are you’d be better off tracking down the original movie and watching that instead saddling up with this sequel-remake.

On a completely unrelated note, actor Josh Cooke displays an absolutely flawless golf swing in this movie. Textbook. If this acting thing doesn’t work out for the dude, and making movies like this does call this into question, I think he might have a good hustle going as a golf pro.

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