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Christopher Armstead

Thereís a scene in the generally run of the mill horror flick ĎAmusementí which is rather amusing, so to speak. Actress Katheryn Winnick, playing the character of Tabitha, is walking around in the big house filled with demonic clowns while babysitting her little nephews. Ms. Winnick is a stunningly beautiful and shapely woman, a fact not lost on the producers of this movie as she is wearing a t-shirt that is a good three sizes too small and a pair of jeans that Iím guessing two production assistants had to assist in pouring her into. Regardless, itís bedtime. Now if this were any other actress sheíd go take a shower for gratuitous nudity time but Iíve seen enough movies with Katheryn Winnick in it to know the girl generally doesnít play that. Anyways, to get ready for bed Tabitha wriggles out of these jeans and she is wearing a pair of panties so big that it looked like she actually had more clothes on AFTER she took off her jeans. I mean these panties were so big that she couldíve jumped out of an airplane and floated safely to the ground. Sorry, but this is my overriding memory of ĎAmusementí.

ĎAmusementí is three little stories all combined into one little movie and begins with Shelby (Laura Breckenridge) riding in a highway convoy with her boyfriend Rob (Tad Hilgenbrink). This mini convoy veers off the highway to get some gas but Shelby notices a beat up woman in the back of the truck they are following. Or does she? You know what, even if I was seeing things as Shelbyís boyfriend manages to convince her, when this same trucker suggests a Ďshort cutí Iím getting back on the freeway. Anyway, bad things happen to Shelby, Rob and the third guy who followed them to this shortcut, more or less.

The next installment features the aforementioned Tabitha and the house filled with Demonic looking clowns. The only clown Tabitha really needs to be worried about is

the one she doesnít quite recognize that looks like it stands about 6í4Ē and is lounging in the rocking chair. Cue the music because bad things are about to happen.

Finally we have Lisa (Jessica Lucas) who has just seen her girlfriend run off with some strange dude at the night club and fail to come home or even call. Initially Lisa was concerned but this did give Lisa and her man Dan (Ried Scott) the privacy to do that nasty thang. Still, nasty thang all finished up, Lisa is really concerned about her girl so Lisa and her man Dan go to this gothic looking horror house of an abandoned hotel that her girl told her this dude she ran off with was supposed to be staying at. Now if Dan hadnít sampled those goodies that previous night he wouldnít have felt obligated to do this completely stupid shit that Lisa is about to ask him to do. Well, at least Dan was happy last night because his sampling goodie days are over.

Without spoiling too much, these girls do know each other but more importantly they know our villain known as The Laugh (Keir OíDonnell), which we do think is one of the lamer names for a serial killing villain, and The Laugh just wants revenge. What does he want revenge for? I think youíre going to have to watch for yourself and tell me because Iím not quite sure that the hot chicks in this one did anything to the dude worth dying over. This is pretty much the problem with ĎAmusementí, not that itís a terrible movie, but it does have a pretty weak villain. Thereís nothing about The Laugh thatís particularly frightening or intimidating. In the opening segment the boyfriend is actually standing face to face with The Laugh and Iím thinking this dude should be to kick his ass. Seriously. I mean heís not thatís big, heís not freakishly strong, I suppose heís smarter than average but face to face, man to manÖ Iím stomping a corn in that bastards ass. No problem. But then after watching the final scene in the movieÖ perhaps heís not all that smart after all.

Itís too bad because director John Simpson is working with an interesting premise, he has a solid cast of screaming hotties, the atmosphere and mood are pretty decent, the movie is paced quite well and Katheryn Winnick is sporting the most awesome and versatile pair of panties in the history of the planet earth.

Alas when your film has a villain whose ass Iím almost certain I could bust up we have a problem. We canít beat up Freddy, or Jason or Leatherface or Carrie can we? Even Melissa Sue Anderson in ĎHappy Birthday to Meí would give us some trouble, but The Laugh? That buster ainít got nothing coming but pain.

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