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Christopher Armstead

Normally, when my 10-year old son likes a movie, I tend to give it the benefit of the doubt in the review, but there comes a time when even the most docile, loving and forgiving father has draw the freaking line.  ‘Shark Boy and Lava Girl’, got the benefit of the doubt.  ‘Everybody’s Hero’ got the benefit of the doubt as well all because my son declared undying love to those films.  It has now become apparent that my child loves everything with even the slightest youth slant to it, no matter how crappy it may be.  Ask the boy what his favorite movie is, and the answer will invariably be the last movie he saw.  For instance, he saw ‘Happy Feet’ and declared it the best movie ever, which was after he saw the previous best movie ever ‘Cars’.  Now he’s seen Disney’s wretched ‘Air Buddies’ and to let you know how bad this thing is, he merely thought it was ‘great’ and not the ‘Best Movie Ever’, which he saved for ‘How to Eat Fried Worms – best movie ever.  By Disney not able to convince my simple child that ‘Air Buddies’ isn’t the best movie ever, is proof of it’s abject failure.

The sixth (!?!) installment of the Air Bud series, Bud and his girl Molly have procreated and created five rambunctious puppies, now known as the buddies.  Molly being the totally dead beat mom that she is has apparently palmed the Buddies off on their dad and his family who do their best to watch the disobedient pups, but that doesn’t stop their mayhem, chaos and blatant parental disrespect.  Across town, a rich kid with a rich kid name like Bartleby Livingston has decided he wants Air Bud as his pet, so Bartleby’s old man dispatches a scurrilous animal trapper to kidnap Bud and Molly, which they manage to do by trapping the bratty disobedient pups.  With their folks trapped, it’s time for the buddies to spring into action!  Mud Bud who’s talent is

getting dirty, B-Dawg who says things like 4-11, keep it real and gangsta,  Rose Bud, who’s the girl dawg, Bud Dha who like meditates, and Bud Derball who eats a lot and farts a mysterious doo doo dust.  The bad part about this is that it’s worst than it as it sounds.

If you are pressured into renting this, as I was, be careful as you can actually feel your brain begin to pickle with each passing moment while staring at your TV screen.  It’s humorless, boring, uninspired and insipid.  Directed by one Robert Vince who has been a producer or director in all six Air Bud joints is to be commended in that he has beaten the hell out of this franchise and probably has an amazing Bel-air home, a Colorado ranch and untold hot mistresses all due to his exploitation of these poor Golden Retrievers.  Upon further investigation, this Robert Vince is also responsible for the MVP (Most Valuable Primate) series!  For all that’s freakin’ holy somebody stop this man!  Does the A.S.P.C.A even exist anymore?

I could go on and on about the insipid plot, the fairly weak voice acting, the fact this is on Don Knots resume as his last film, or that somehow they even roped Michael Clark Duncan into providing a voice, but what’s the point.  Other than the fact that there is this mystical dust that comes out of one the puppy’s ass when he farts there is little to recommend this farce.  With another 8 million species of animals to exploit, there is apparently no stopping this Robert Vince.  Hell if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.  Hey Mr. Vince! I got a pitch for you!  I call it the KKK, the Krazy Kitty Krew!  Let’s talk brother!

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